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Love or Fear...

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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Red Butterfly

Would you believe that there are only ever two emotions in the world? It’s true. Every thing that you feel… can be broken down to either coming from a place of love or coming from fear.

In our dualistic world of polar opposites there are no shades of grey when it comes to our thoughts and feelings, only degrees of love or degrees of fear.

When you are kind, that is love. When you are caring, that is love. When you are friendly, that is love.

When you are jealous, that is fear. Fear of abandonment. Fear of possible betrayal. Fear of not being good enough, or having enough. When you are angry, that is fear. Fear of loss. Sometimes loss of control over the situation. Sometimes the actual physical loss of property or perceived ownership over something.

We may not have control over the split second gut reaction to a situation. Every reaction we have is merely the replaying of a recorded response we have had to similar situations in the past. It’s all just a learned response. But what we do have control over is how we proceed beyond those initial few seconds.

Red Butterfly

Again this is a learned response, but one we have total control over. When something negative happens and our first reaction is one of anger or judgement or hate, that’s OK… that’s very natural. But as soon as we catch ourselves responding this way, we then have the opportunity to make another choice. A more informed, more enlightened choice. We can realise that what is going on may not be as bad as first assumed, especially when viewed from a broader perspective. Nothing is ever really as bad as it first seems.

We can let go of fear and employ a strategy of love instead. From the perspective of love we know that we are always taken care of, that nothing is ever truly lost, and that we are always enough just exactly as we are.

Red Butterfly

When we can do this, we completely transform the situation. On the surface it may look as if nothing has changed, from a deeper (and therefore more realistic) perspective, everything has changed…. we have changed. We are no longer reacting from fear, but from a place of power and true self control. We are laying down pathways… and from a scientific perspective… new neural pathways in our brains, so that in the future the knee-jerk gut reactions we have to similar situations will actually be that of love and acceptance, instead of fear an insecurity. We are literally re-writing our futures.

And we ALWAYS have a choice.... what will you choose... Love or Fear.

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