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Love and Be Loved

by Elise (follow)
Elise Perez YourPotentialRevealed.com


What is unconditional Love? It seems we should all know what this is, but unconditional love is a key understanding in the manifestation of all your desires, including, the attracting of that one who will return your love unconditionally. Because of the innate fears we hold as humans, that have been ingrained in us throughout our lives, loving unconditionally is quite a challenge, but its importance is immeasurable. So, it is worth the attention, until we can learn and achieve this frequency of unconditional love.

Another key point to understand is law of attraction. That thoughts are things, and everything you put out (Words, thoughts and actions) will come right back to you. The vibrations you put out attract like vibrations. Therefore, your life is a manifestation of what you, yourself have created. So, with that in mind, love and be loved.

Unconditional love is possible when we are able to let go of all expectations. As William Shakespeare adeptly puts it...

"Expectation is the root of all heartache."

Big Heart!

Loving without expectation is only possible when we are content, and whole in ourselves. When we are above the ego, and not in need of anything outside of ourselves to provide us with validation. When you know who you are and you are comfortable and happy in it. When you can celebrate and delight in the beauty of you, and love yourself, then, you will have enough love within yourself to love unconditionally. You cannot give water to the thirsty with an empty vessel. Fill your inner vessel up with what you intend to give.

Big Heart!

You see, the ego feeds on our insecurities, it tells us that it is not safe to show our true colors. All the while, the world thirsts for genuine and authentic people, because it is so scarce to find one who is not ruled by the ego. But the ego continues to put fear in our hearts, and tells us that the world is dangerous. It tells us we must build walls around our hearts and personalities to keep the dangers out. So, we create false personalities and make a home in the world of the unfeeling and unattached. In turn we also become falsely attached because without knowing ourselves, we do not know what we really need. We only know we need love, and we seek it from an outside source (sometimes ANY outside source) because we have not given it to ourselves. We feel we are lacking. As a result, we cannot give without receiving because we already feel empty. One can only give what he has in his possession, and there is only so much to give when one is feeling empty! So, expectation accompanies everything that we do. If you are not already secure in the understanding of your value, then you are seeking validation outwardly, from what surrounds you in your life. The ego holds us prisoner. When you can free yourself of it, break the chains and understand that you can make your own rules. That you CAN give without expectation because return does not have anything to do with how valuable you are. All that matters is that you love yourself and understand that you ARE loved. You ARE valuable and all you must do is recognize that and grasp this amazing ever-present truth. You, nor anyone else can determine your value.Your value has already been determined, and it is not subject to change. You are a divine being with divine purpose. Not you, nor anyone else has the power to change the position that you hold in this universe. So, give yourself permission to love yourself, as the creator loves you, as you are meant to be loved...unconditionally. Seek to understand this love. Fill up your entire being with this amazing and abundant love. THEN, pour that love back into the universe. Love without any reservations. Without any expectations. Love because you are meant to love. Love because that is what you were created for, and to love is the only way to align yourself with all things that you love. Just as the law of attraction promises, that true, and unconditional sacred love WILL be returned to you. When you feel this love for yourself, you are then able to put that love energy back into the universe. When you no longer need anything outside of yourself, when you are whole, then not only are you are on a vibrational frequency that will attract love, but you are on a vibrational frequency of abundance and everything that you love, desire and put out shall return to you.

Big Heart!

What some do not realize is that this is the best choice that we have access to. To withhold love from another is to withhold it from yourself. To disallow authentic expression is to put yourself in chains and make yourself a prisoner to fear. We are the happiest when our self expression is complete and authentic. There is no better way. Even if it is difficult to express our truth, it is not more difficult than suppressing it. There is no regret when the heart has been true. Allow yourself to love as fully and as freely as you can. Love because that is what you desire. Love regardless of the return. Love as if the opportunity could be snatched away from you at any moment. Love and let each whimsical desire to express that love be manifest. Love today, as if there is no tomorrow. Love because it is the greatest joy in life. Love and be loved.
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