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Looking at Lovely Things in Life

by carolyncordon (follow)
Carolyn Cordon Positively Positive Prose! mickjaneandme.wordpress.com/
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All too often, we focus on the big things in life – gaining qualifications, buying a house/car/lifestyle … These things take time, and lots of money, and aren’t always a guarantee to making you happy.

Things that can make you happy may differ from person to person, but here are a few things that make me happy, and from my experiences over the years, make many others happy too.

I love flowers. Who doesn’t love them? Only very nasty and sad people, that’s who.

blue bulbs author's photo
Blue bulbs - author's photo

Puppies or Kittens
Who doesn’t smile at the sight of a puppy or kitten playing in their cute little baby critter ways? I’m not a cat person, but I will still smile at the sight of a kitten play jumping on a shadow?

blue bulbs author's photo
Schnauzer puppies - author's photo

Blue skies
In Australia, the big and beautiful blue sky on a mild day, perhaps flecked with fluffy clouds is truly a thing of wonder! I love them, and often take pictures of them as a back drop. A blue sky background can enhance the most mundane of things.

blue bulbs author's photo
Lovely blue sky with trees - author's photo

Coffee and Cake with Friends at a Good Café
The chat and love you get with this can warm your heart and soul and make a sad day glad. The importance of finding a good café is something often undervalued. A good café, when found, is to be treasured and shared with care – too many of the wrong people may turn a good café bad …

blue bulbs author's photo
A lovely Easter coffee - author's photo

A Heartfelt Hug
When you need it, from someone you care about, who cares about you too.

A good Fire
The definition of a good fire may vary from person to person, and time to time. I love a bonfire on a cold afternoon, or an inside fire of a cold winter night.

A Special Find
Finding that one perfect thing at the Opportunity Shop at a price you can easily afford.

Getting in your car on a coolish day after your car’s been parked in the sunshine and you’ve been regretting not wearing a jumper. Wonderful warmth!

The Perfect Spot!
Finding the perfect parking spot close to where you have to be right now, when you’re in a hurry and not up to rushing, for health reasons…

Seeing a new species of bird to add to your list of birds you’ve seen at your place.

Some of these things may not raise a smile on every face, but I’m confident that some of them will raise a smile for lots of people, and some others are less ‘lovely’ to all. I know some other people will find each of my lovely things lovely too, and that’s a lovely thing!

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I enjoyed reading your article, Carolyn. These things all make me happy too. I am really enjoying all the spring flowers that are coming into bloom at the moment.
Yes Marie, I have to admit my favourite season is Autumn, but the flowers all around at the moment are beautiful!
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