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A friend of mine recently joined Facebook, and many commented welcoming her to the “evil side” of the world.

Why is it evil when many says “It’s so easy to find friends and get contact with them!” or to have a crack at someone’s life, “Have you seen Jueni’s photos, OMG he’s so embarrassing!”

It is very convenient and interesting yet at the same time consuming too much of our time.

As technology advances, this evil world is created faster and bigger.

Look around you, even as you are reading this article, how many people are looking down to their phones checking Facebook; how many are crossing the road as they reply messages or comment on photos; how many realised that there are birds chirping, a rainbow appearing in the sky after a heavy rain, or that a man is stealing their wallet as their eyes are glued to the phone screen?

Again, put down your phone as you dine, is anyone communicating with you? Is anymore making eye contact with you? Do you feel like you’re having dinner with your family or friends, or just alone but with familiar faces.

When was your last time having a long conversation with someone, to gossip about someone you both distaste, or sharing some recent funny moments with them.

Facebook is a platform for individuals to upload their photos and post status, sharing moments with you. Yet, it is evil. It attracts all your attention. It lowers our self-esteem. It decreases our interaction with others. It is stopping us from going out for a run. It is making us miss out the goodies in our lives.

YOLO - Your only life once is not about reading people's lives; it's YOU living your own.

Yes, Facebook is evil, so are the other social networks. And to fight this evil world, there’s only one move — LOOK UP.

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Great opinion and I couldn't agree more- even though I am guilty of this.
I am only 22yrs old and I can see the difference in my younger sisters (14 &12). Especially the youngest one- what does she do other than take 1million 'selfies' and 'like for an inbox'. It is crazy! But we ask ourselves how do we change this?
We can't force children to stop as then they are left out and we are blamed fro being 'old fashioned'.
The world is going to be an interesting place in the not to distant future.
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