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Living the Dream

by sharo (follow)
At 59 I feel amazingly alive, and live life as an adventure! Come and adventure with me!
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What is your dream? Can you see it? Can you taste it? Do you know what it looks like?

thongs on the beach
Life can be a beach!

Did you come out of high school knowing what your dream looked like? Have you dreamt of certain things since you were a small child, a restless teenager? Perhaps your dream has come to you since you finished university or college.

Have you dreamt of the perfect wedding, the ideal home, that guy or girl you are going to marry and live with forever?

Excellent! For whatever it was, is, or will be, good for you for dreaming!

thongs on the beach
Let your dreams lift you!

And just maybe you had been living your life according to your dreams and have come to a point where you have stopped dreaming. You figure you have what you wanted from your earlier days. What more could you want?

Maybe your children are in school, your life is great, or you have just retired. Maybe you have been out of university for a while but you know there can be something more. Why not start new dreams?

Do you believe that you can keep on dreaming? Good, so do I. It is never too late to start new ones, no matter what they are.

thongs on the beach
You can start new dreams!

Maybe you dream of becoming a finishing carpenter but you have a degree in engineering. There is nothing in the world that says you can't turn that new dream into a reality by changing gears.

Your marriage has ended and you are looking at a road that is unfamiliar. This could be the moment you put a dream into action. Why not go back to school, start your own business? Move into that apartment you have wanted to live in.

thongs on the beach
Why not make your dreams a reality?

Dreams are brought about by our imaginations so why not dream about what could be? Then make it happen.

Travel the world - yes that does sound expensive, but there are ways. You could join up with a volunteer organization that has you volunteering in other countries. You not only get to see other places but you can help others at the same time.

Travel the world!

Do not let age be a factor in your dreams. Some amazing people have started things well into their 70's and 80's just because they could. You can too.

Do you dream of something out of the ordinary? Learn to play the piano, sing karaoke in a bar, Ballroom or Latin dance for some excitement. Abseil down the cliffs at Kangaroo Point or off the Story bridge, you will be thrilled.

Live your dreams!

Buy yourself a sports car. It doesn't have to be a brand new one, and wow, can you ever have a lot of fun.

Live your dreams, life is too short and you are never too old.

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