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Little Suggestions on How to Upgrade Your Life Even in the Hardest of Times

by kacey (follow)
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How to Upgrade Your Life Even in the Hardest of Times

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Hitting a rough patch is tough, but everyone has been there. Itís can be embarrassing to have people over, knowing full well that your home is a bit out of date, but what are you supposed to do, right? You know your money should be going to other places. What you might not realize is that your home is still an important place to spend money! It doesnít have to expensive, but simple, inexpensive things can make your home feel like home. Being worried about money is a full time job, so it helps to have a few tiny things that can help ease the stress for a bit.

Spend Time Outside

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It costs absolutely nothing to go outside, but the benefits make it a pretty good investment. Research has shown that spending time in nature makes you healthier and lowers stress levels Ė which are usually pretty high when youíre worried about money. Our primal minds are geared to look at the outdoors as a provider of food and shelter -- both of which are good for us. So itís understandable that being outside simply makes us happier in general. Last, walking outside can help boost your creativity making it a good time to think outside of the box for some ways to make a little extra income.

Make Your Bed a Sanctuary

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You spend a fair amount of time in your bed, so it only makes sense that youíd keep it in good condition. A brand new mattress might not be in the budget right now, and thatís ok. A new set of sheets, however, is a great way to spruce your bed up without going broke. Knowing how to choose the perfect bed sheets is something to consider, since we all have different sleeping preferences. If you really want to feel pampered without breaking the bank, grab some new pillows while youíre out. You will be surprised how well a comfortable bed can improve your sleeping situation, as well as your life!

Love Your Bubbles

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Just like sleeping, youíve got to stay clean, right? So it only makes sense to enjoy your daily routine. Good soap, hot water, and huge, fluffy towels are basically all you need to have a great shower. If you want to amp it up, light some candles (saves on electricity), add in some bubble bath, and lounge for a bit. The heat soaks in and helps relieve tension and sore muscles, and the time you spend simply on yourself can make it feel almost as good as a massage! Even though you may not be able to renovate your entire home and buy all the luxury items you need, there are definitely ways you can treat yourself. All it takes is a little searching. Knowing that there are simple ways to get the best towels to pamper yourself, simple products that will make you feel like a new person, will leave you feeling better than ever. If you are just starting your day, put on some tunes while you great ready and focus on yourself for a change. Sometimes taking the time to treat your mind and body the way you want to be treated every day is enough to start your day on a strong foot. Even if you have to go turn the water heater back down afterwards, a bath like that is still a wonderful way to pamper yourself in times that require a little more attention to your bank account.

Keep Up with Your Hobbies

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Itís so easy to let your hobbies go when youíre struggling for money. You might not be able to engage in them as much if they are very expensive, but that doesnít mean you should let them go entirely. Especially if theyíre simple things like drawing, hiking, or knitting, you should make every effort to keep doing them. A new set of pencils wonít break the bank, and neither will a new pair of hiking shoes. If youíre really trying to skimp, then you can always try out a new hobby, like meditation or walking, that you donít have to buy anything for. A hobby like gardening can actually help you save money in the long run, especially if you put in the work to get a bountiful harvest. Plus, itís one of those rare hobbies that doesnít have to cost a lot, gets you outside, reduces large amounts of stress, and can actually make you money if you can sell some of your harvest.

Make Time for Books

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Reading is also important. Today, practically any information we might ever want to know about is available at our fingers. While amazing, the constant information input can be overwhelming and cause even more stress. Books, especially if theyíre read only for pleasure, can be a great way to alleviate that. A real book -- which you can still get for free from your local library -- give your mind and eyes a break from the screen. Besides, in addition to helping with stress levels, books also make you smarter and help you feel like you took some time for yourself. Really, thatís the important thing, isnít it? Making time to take care of yourself, even when it feels like thereís no time to take.

Really, a little bit of pampering isnít going to make or break you, regardless of it being free or an extra $20 somewhere. After all, a new set of towels or sheets can last a long time, and a library card never expires.

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