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Listening to Your Dreams

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
I had the most profound dream the other night and I wanted to share it with you.

wavy and watery glass
Pay attention to what dreams say to you!

It is one of those dreams that impacted on me, was so vivid and clear that the words spoken in the dream were ringing in my ear when I woke up.

As dreams tend to go I found myself climbing across a large rope net like the one that the army uses in their training drills.

wavy and watery glass
Things are not always clear!

It was full of large spaces, easy to slip and stick my hands or legs through. Three large dogs, unknown to me, were down below,snarling, baring their teeth, growling, barking and jumping at me.

I was trying to avoid them, not wanting to get bit. I could feel how scared I was.

When I looked down, without knowing how, the dogs turned into 3 girls, all versions of me. Then I was standing beside them, the closest one began to cry.

She was afraid of old hurts and wounds and proceeded to tell about all of them in rapid succession.

I did what I could to calm her, to let her know that I was not that person who hurt her, that I would not hurt her now. Those last words rang out in my head before I awoke. I am not that person!

Acknowledge your shadow!

But I am that person! I am the one who has hurt myself over time, by not allowing and acknowledging all of me.

Now this has been juggling around in my brain all morning and I wanted to share because at this particular moment in my life this is where I am in regards to my evolution.

wavy and watery glass
Evolving isn't always a clear path!

Now to dream of dogs can mean a number of things. In this case it represents feelings and emotions that I am afraid of. Dreaming of a girl known to me means I need to explore more of my intuition and perceptions. It feels like I really need to pay attention, learn from this and carry on with the new knowledge.

I have been on a self-discovery journey for quite some time, looking for the person in me that I want to be, sometimes ignoring the person that I am, trying to hide the things that I see as weaknesses.

I am afraid to appear vulnerable and portray feelings of impatience or anger. And when I do, it bothers me. However, I am slowly coming to terms with this side of me and I believe this dream is here at the right moment.

wavy and watery glass
Things are becoming clearer!

Self-acceptance can be difficult if you try to ignore parts of your being. To accept yourself fully, to integrate love and forgiveness when your dark side shows up is something we all need to do. You need to throw an arm around your own shoulder and give yourself a hug, it is easier to carry on the path of love, forgiveness and self-awareness that can make you a more whole person.

This is my ongoing path and I wanted to share incase you recognize this as well about yourself. Life is not always easy but the journey is most amazing if you give it a go and continue to travel it with eyes wide open. As I am working on doing.

The journey can be amazing!
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