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Life is till we live it

by Smita (follow)
Ex-medico, food blogger, food enthusiast from Melbourne. Find more recipes on my personal blog smitasfoodcharm.com
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I am writing this article for my best friend. She's suffering from a nasty health condition and I wish this could give her some hope.

Cancer - one frightful ill-fated word. Brings everything to a stand still. All questions come to mind, Why? How? Now what? And the treatment? Worse than the disease, devours your body.

It is a test, big one, with stakes so high. But no matter what we have to win it. When we are small, we fight with our siblings for the piece of cake, and then the fight begins at every stage. In school, college, even for the parking space. Then when its about life, why should we let it go? Will you allow this parasite to take away what belongs to you? Your body which you have nurtured since 30 years, is yours. And no cancer can ruin it. Stand up and reclaim what's rightfully yours.

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No matter what, the sun will always continue to rise

Tell the pain that it cannot deter you. Tell your body not to fear because there is a strong will power behind it. Make your mind strong and then you will be able to bear it. When the load gets heavy, don't ask God to lighten it; rather ask for a stronger backbone and He will give that to you.

Remember, a doctor can ease your symptoms, but he cannot determine how long you will live. Only you can decide if you want to stay with your body, the one who's been with you from the beginning. That choice only belongs to you and no one else.

Like a battle is not over till the last warrior falls to ground; you are the sole warrior and we will not let you fall. Because wonderful people like you make this world beautiful. And selfish people like me will not let you go anywhere.

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