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Life is a Process!

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
There is so much about life that can be written. There is so much for us all to learn.

We learn to live, we learn to deal, we learn. We carry on, on our life's journey, and we learn.

Or do we?

Some of those out there will ignore it all, probably because they are not ready. They won't look at their life and see what is happening, what is going on, what can be changed to make it better, or left alone. They will not benefit from this hub of wonderful inspiration that we are all sharing.

They are not ready and may never be ready. Maybe that is for another lifetime.

For those of you who read our motivational writings here on My Inspired Life, you are ready or you wouldn't be here.

Maybe it is the process of our soul over decades where we come into each life with different things to deal with. Then we come again for another go.

Maybe this is the time for you to deal. Maybe this is now the lifetime that you will look at the process of what goes on and see that you are ready to learn. And once you find yourself here, there is no going back. You become conscious of this process and it has a great effect on you.

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Enough said!

So, are you loving the process? Have you discovered what your process is yet? If you are reading these articles on My Inspired Life you are definitely on the right track.

I believe that is where I sit now at age 56.

I love it, I have learned so much. There are times, however, that I think I will never get it. The process seems to be exactly about these things for me. The ups and downs and the moments when you feel utter joy as well as utter helplessness all are part of the process.

I love myself now, but I didn't always. I see when I fall off my path that I can just get back on, but I didn't always see this.

canoe on clear water
It hasn't always been a clear path!

I have been inspired by so many. Most of those people who have inspired me have all come from, lived in, learned from, and are still on their road of processing this life. The likes of Louise Hay, Byron Katy, Carol Tuttle, all are out there to help you find your way. They are sharing their processes with us through books, articles, movies, inspirations.

Even people who cross your path for one moment or a hundred, can be inspirational, learnt from, taken in, processed and you can evolve because of them. If you let it happen.

Have you seen the movie, "I AM" by Tom Shadyac? What a great look at life with science to back it up. Check it out, you will be inspired. It gives me great hope to know that the world is changing, going through it's own process, to become more supportive and loving.

canoe on clear water
The world is going through it's own processes!

I have been seeking this (though it has had to come from inside first) all of my life.

The process of self-discovery, of self-love, and knowing when to make changes to support that process, when to let go and when to forgive yourself, is part of life's journey.

canoe on clear water
Illuminate your process!

Maybe it is the biggest part, everything else is a bonus. Embrace your processes, love them and hate them, but keep them going!

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The process will turn you upside down and inside out but it is worth looking at!
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