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Letting Go!

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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In life there are situations, circumstances, instances, mishaps, miscommunications, necessities, and a variety of other things that cause us to want to hold tightly to things that we should be letting go of. Some things come from emotions, other things come from necessity.

In the case of emotion, some things can be debilitating to our self-esteem, our health, our general wellbeing. Yet we wrap the anger, disappointment, betrayal, tightly around us, wearing it all like a badge of honour, hanging on to it all.

hot air balloons
The road we travel is not always an easy one!

You have heard of families who have not talked to each other for years. A lot of resentment and buried anger keeps any healing from happening, no one lets go because they feel the need to be mad about a situation that no one can actually remember how it started or who said what.

What if they could all just let go? Would they be free? Would that old anger finally be put to rest? Could they forgive and forget? This can work for some people but others however, can't seem to live without these issues. Yet, it buries them, turns them bitter and it festers, visible to everyone else who watches it eat them alive.

fortune cookie
Ease and freedom can be ours!

Has this happened to you, are you holding on to anger that saps your energy, or are you the person wronged in a situation, that has torn your family apart? Maybe there is room for forgiveness. What do you think it would feel like? Can you imagine yourself lighter, bouyant even?

hot air balloons
You can be lighter than air!

Unburden yourself. What do you have to lose? Anger, hatred, bitterness, sorrow?

Do some spiritual work, clear the energy, write a letter without sending it, release it all. Forgive yourself and others. You may actually like how this can feel.

Then there is the actual necessity of letting go of another person, or a job you no longer feel is right for you, yet you remain. Perhaps you hold on to ways of life that are hurting your physical being. Are you clutching on to these things because you are afraid of change?

Someone in your life wants or needs to do something, move away or just be without you. It could be moving country, taking on another job, apartment, way of life or they just want to be alone. Do you get angry, yell, make them feel guilty and hope they will stick around?

hot air balloons
Take the walls down, let go!

Maybe you need to quit smoking but are afraid of giving it up because it will mean a lifestyle change. Is this so bad? Do you keep smoking even though you are starting to cough like crazy, feel dreadful and are standing outside all by yourself because all of your other friends have quit?

Letting go can be hard, where ever it is and in whatever way.

The act of letting go can set you free, work wonders in your own life and the life of someone else. Maybe this will give you courage to make changes in your life, or make a difference in someone else's life. We all need a chance to be free, to live our lives as we need to.

fortune cookie
You can make a difference!

Letting go can be the best thing your could ever do for yourself.

hot air balloons
You can be free and joyous!

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