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Lessons from my Cat...

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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Tracie Louise Photography cat kitten health life lessons stretching sleep

I have a very wise young cat, who is sitting by my side as I type this article. She has much wisdom to share with us all. Here's what she has taught me thus far.

Accept yourself!

Cats like themselves. Cats accept who they are without question. They never beat themselves up for not being good enough, pretty enough, thin enough. They just get on with the business of being who they are.

Chill out!

Cat's in general are pretty chill. Sure they might chase things from time to time, but that is usually in pursuit of fun (or food). For the most part they are pretty relaxed and rarely see the need to rush anything.

Stretch often!

Cats really understand the benefits of stretching. Not just to relieve possible muscle tension and maintain flexibility and overall health... but because it just feels so incredibly good.

Tracie Louise Photography cat kitten health life lessons stretching sleep

Hibernate occasionally!

Ever wonder why cats like to go find little hidey holes? They understand the benefits of "time out". We all need a little alone time on occasion. It can be the most therapeutic thing to do, and helps us to appreciate our own company.

Cuddle often!

Cuddle, nuzzle, hug, about as often as you can. Cats understand the importance of human contact and so should we. Touch is one of our greatest gifts. There have been actual scientific studies on the physical and psychological benefits of hugging. Go hug someone you care about and you will feel the benefits instantly.

Tracie Louise Photography cat kitten health life lessons stretching sleep


Get a good nights sleep. Cats know this. They sleep ALOT. Personally I love sleep. And we all know what a difference a good nights sleep can make to the next day. Sleep deprivation is extremely damaging on the body, both physically and mentally. Find some great tips on getting the rest you need here

Show affection!

I never have to question if my cat loves me. She shows me in a million different ways each and every day. And I hope those around me can say the same of me. As humans we have the advantage of speech and we can and should tell those we care about how we truly feel, every chance we get. But we can also show them, by the way we chose to treat them and by the million little things we can do.

Tracie Louise Photography cat kitten health life lessons stretching sleep

My cat seems to be living a very happy and contented existence. I think she still has much to teach me, and I am more than willing to learn.

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Pets love us unconditionally, no matter how we look, what mood we are in, how successful we are or not......they are always there for us. This is amazing to say, but we ha d a beautiful 'humanised' cat who did everything with us. She even woke from her precious sleep time at 2.40 each day to go out and sit at the garage door to wait for my husband to come home. She would walk around our bamboo garden with us following always just behind but close enough to ALWAYS answer us when we spoke to her......she was very tragically killed by two dogs and we were both devastated. Still, to this day we remember what an amazing gift she was to us both and it was so tragic to us she was taken. We have her buried at home amongst the bamboos with a Buddha head statue on the ground for company and protection.....her name was MOLLY!
that's so amazing. My Molly is very "human" as well. I was raised to be a dog person and have never questioned their intelligence, but I am learning just how incredibly smart cats can be. Thanks so much for sharing your experience here ♥
:-) yessss I do agree :-D my darling one isn't young anymore Annibale is his name and is already 16 yrs. old... his wisdom is much too great for my Mind!
It's Molly's 2nd birthday today (that's her in the top picture). The other picture is my last cat and she was about 16 when she died. My very first cat lived to be 20 years old and she was older than my oldest son when she left us. She taught me to love cats as I was raised by parents who didn't like them at all. But I really think that cats enrich our lives in so many ways... don't you.
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