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Labyrinth, not Maze

by carolyncordon (follow)
Carolyn Cordon Positively Positive Prose! mickjaneandme.wordpress.com/
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labyrinth from Labynthos website
from Labyrinthos website

The first time I walked a labyrinth, I was thrilled with the way it made me feel, so thrilled I knew this would not be the first and only time I would do it. Since then, Iím sad Iíve only taken the time to walk a labyrinth one time.

Time shifts and inclination seldom come together, and the walking of a labyrinth seems an important thing to me, to be planned for and undertaken in the proper mindset. This is stupid though, I know this. Walking a labyrinth should and indeed could be as simple as stopping what thoughtless thing Iím currently doing, and go and find a labyrinth to walk.

The finding of labyrinths isn't a difficult thing to do. To find a labyrinth you can google the word, and websites will appear that can lead you to one. The closest public labyrinth to where I live, as far as I know is in Gawler.

Gawler is a town only 25km or so from where I live, and I visit Gawler at least once a week. Therefore, I surely should be able to find time to walk that labyrinth Ö Perhaps this weekend, or next, it may happen? Or perhaps on Thursday, the day my writing group meets Ö

Iím catching up with a friend in Gawler on Tuesday next. Perhaps walking the labyrinth can be a part of that visit. My friend lives just up the street a bit from the Gawler labyrinth Ö I have no excuses really, I must walk the labyrinth, soon.

When life is a rumbling, bumbling mess of things to do, see, be and so on, the walking of a labyrinth can bring peace and clarity to whatís important in life. I love labyrinths. I've just put some feelers out to perhaps, one glorious day, have a labyrinth made in my own little town Ö A work in progress, and a worthy one!

I'm a poet and I feel poetry and labyrinths go together well. This is a poem I wrote after my second labyrinth walk, which took place in the beautiful Barossa Valley (South Australia), in a hall on a plastic labyrinth mat that took up a large part of the hall. It was a wonderful experience, and I knew I had to write a poem about it.

Amazing Labyrinth

walking along, silent, mindful -
the path is sure, the direction
not so sure, north south east west -
it doesn't matter which
direction the mind takes -
itís unknowable at first, then clarity
comes though, with time.

passing others, being passed
no strain to lead, there is no race -
peace is the final destination -
peace and an inner awareness.
left, right, backwards, forward
there is only the path, pre-ordained Ė
lost in your thoughts, you follow the path.

the path will lead you there
and the path will lead you back.
follow the path and donít think -
the best thoughts can come
when thinking ends and being begins.
be in the labyrinth, be the labyrinth
and finally, just be.

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