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Knowledge vs Wisdom...

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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I have had the privilege lately of meeting some very intelligent individuals. An experience that is always uplifting and inspiring to me. There’s nothing better than being in the company of someone who can make you think differently and to want to better yourself in your own pursuit of knowledge.

I am however reminded of a favourite old saying… “knowledge is knowing that a tomato is fruit… wisdom in not putting it in your fruit salad”.

There is a very big difference between knowledge and wisdom. I have known many very intelligent and knowledgeable people who were pretty clueless when it came to the deeper issue of life and what was really important. A funny example would be the likes of Sheldon Cooper (for anyone who has ever watched The Big Bang Theory). Dr. Cooper is a giant within the scientific academic community, and a self confessed genius… however his social skills, spiritual and even personal development, are almost non-existent.

Knowledge is easily obtainable through books, courses of study both formal and informal, attending educational institutions, or just via having the thirst for knowledge.


Wisdom is something much higher. It is still very obtainable, or should I say, accessible. Whilst knowledge is primarily an intellectual endeavour, wisdom taps into the soul. You don’t necessarily have to be particularly intelligent or knowledgable in order to gain wisdom. It could be argued that a lack of intellectual knowledge is actually an advantage in seeking wisdom. My own mother never finished school past year 8, never held down a job of much distinction, never considered herself to be very smart at all. She was a housewife for most of her life, and she was also one of the wisest people I have ever known. Unencumbered by conventional dogma surrounding intelligence and knowledge, she was free to tap into that higher source of all wisdom that is readily available to all who seek it.


Reading text books will bring you knowledge. Reading works by the great masters will bring you wisdom. Studying will bring you knowledge. Meditation will bring wisdom. Listening to others could bring knowledge. Listening to your own intuition WILL bring wisdom.

Being smart is wonderful.

Being wise is our souls purpose.

There is a difference between knowledge and knowing. Between comprehension and understanding.

One utilises the brain… the other utilises the soul. And perhaps true growth…. actually requires both.

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Wise words from a wise woman :D
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