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Kate is Not Perfect

by BK (follow)
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Kate is not perfect. She has lived more than 30 years of her life and it is hard to even imagine how would anyone not mess up even once in this time period. This is a story about Kate on various days.

Source:Flickr:Jeremy Blanchard

Day 1
Kate has a couple of friends in the city. It was just another day when Amber called Kate and they started talking about their daily chores. While they were talking, Amber told Kate how much she likes the way Kate deals with things. That was like a trigger for Kate. She started telling Amber about her flaws. She told Amber that she was not perfect either and there is not much to like about her anyway.

Source:Flickr:Petras Gagilas

Day 2
Kate has to go for work on Saturday. Since she is new in the area, she gets lost and takes the wrong train. She reaches work half an hour late. Kate apologizes to her boss. The boss is not really mad at her and tells her it’s okay. But Kate won’t stop. She starts telling her Boss that she is really bad with directions and keeps getting lost in the city all the time. She tells him how her family is always worried about this. The boss just laughs it off and they get back to work. Kate has no idea what she just did.The boss probably thinks that Kate is not very focused and self confident. He might have second thoughts about her timing.


Day 3
There is a party after work. Everyone is getting ready to leave a bit early. Since the party is at a bar, and Kate does not drink, she decides to stay back. But she does not tell this to anybody. Everyone just assumes that she is going to stay back since she never really took part in any conversation about the party. Surprisingly, this was not the first party at work that she had missed. Eventually everyone had stopped asking. Now she is alone working at her desk when everybody is right next door, having fun.

Source:Flickr:Simon Collison

Do you see the problem here? Kate focuses more on the negative aspect of herself than the positive. There was really no need to tell Amber about her flaws. Kate could have accepted the compliment with a ‘thank you’. There was no need to tell her boss that she is bad with directions and that she gets lost all the time. Kate could have just apologized and told her boss that she will make sure that she is not late again. Kate does not need to skip parties because she does not want to drink. She can still be at the party and drink something else. She could use these parties to connect with more people and take her mind off from work for some time.

There is no Kate.

Kate could be you or me. We all, sometimes, focus more on the dark side of our life. We do not accept compliments like we should. We do not let go easily. We let our flaws take over our good qualities and we keep discussing them over and over. This sends out a seriously negative message about how we look at ourselves. Unfortunately, no one likes to hang around people who do not have an ounce of self-love. A small change in our attitude towards ourselves can turn around our life. We all need a reminder on our walls to:
• Love ourselves
• Let go of everything that makes us sad
• Meet more people and expand our horizon
• Listen to music
• Smile more often even when there is no one around


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