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Joy in Sharing

by BK (follow)
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The sun finally made its way slowly through my curtains as the earth moved around it this morning. I felt like I am in a spaceship as my unconscious mind finally gained some sense and realized ' Oh Wait ! I don't have milk for my morning coffee.

I changed my pajamas , slipped on my old pair of jeans and walked to the nearest grocery store. I am a person who cannot just get out of the store after picking what I want. I take rounds in aisles trying to make up my mind if I really need something and asking my heart to shut up. And then those beautiful yellow mangoes caught me in a moment of weakness. So I picked up milk and mangoes and walked back to my place.

Hands, fruit

While walking back, I saw this really old handicapped lady sitting by the roadside and asking for help. Now, this is a very common sight in my country and most of the people just pass by. If you would read stories, of how some of these are fake, you would do that too, and I won't blame you. But somehow, I could not move past her. So, I opened my bag , pulled out a fresh mango and offered it to her. She accepted it and touched it to her head, her lips whispered something slowly as if she was thanking God for the food, and then she looked up at me. She had those big thick glasses on her nose . Her eyes looked so much bigger for her small wrinkled face. Not willing to make her feel bad, I quickly made a move ahead.

That day, I kept thinking how good she might have felt having that fruit. And I enjoyed a guilt free mango treat at night !

Knowing that she sits there everyday, I wrapped up 2 slices of bread and a cookie today to giver it to her as I take a walk this evening. There is so much joy in sharing what we have, that it makes your life all of a sudden so much more useful not just for your family but also for the society.

I am no one special, I am one of you. I share the story with you so you know that you do not have to be rich to help someone in need. Heart is all you need !

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. -Winston Churchill

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Loved the thought, The joy of giving. Enjoyed reading your article. Written beautifully and straight from the heart.
Thank you Neetu . Truly appreciate your time and comment.
by BK
I could exactly relate to your story dear. For one, I stayed in Bangalore too and I never had milk in my fridge when I had the strongest of urges for a cup of tea :D and also once while returning after work, I too had dropped by a bakery store to grab a packet of milk on my way home. I used to stay farther away from whitefield, so you can imagine what kind of bakery shop it would be, the only one in its area, crowded by rich and poor. I asked the shopkeeper for a pack milk and was waiting, suddenly a girl in rags, standing close to me, caught my attention. It struck me as I saw her somewhere before, couldn't exactly recollect where. She was greedily eyeing those colorful pastries, which we now will never eat but as a kid we all have always been attracted to them. she was alternatively looking at those and some kids enjoying them at the back. I was busy in my thoughts and dint realize that the shopkeeper had returned with the milk packet, he was shoving that little girl off, asking her to bring money if she wants anything from his shop. Somehow fighting my tears back, I asked him to give that pastry too, gave him extra 20 bucks, handed that pastry to the girl, shortly caught a glimpse of happiness in her eyes(my reward!), to my astonishment, saw something close to guilt in the guy's expressions too. I ran towards my scooty, on my way I saw her mom loooking at me with a gratifying look, and I knew where I saw this girl before. Everyday while returning from office I saw them. Mother and daughter, on the roadside, busy with their day-to-day activities, they had no home, no shelter which they could call of their own.

Well! after reaching home everything I found wasthe same as it was the day before, except for myself :) I was on cloud 9. No great achievements to pen down in my CV, no new trophies, but the satisfaction! The biggest achievement of all :)

Hope you enjoyed reading it! look at me creating my own blog as your sub blog :D
Thank you for sharing your wonderful story here. I am sure the readers will enjoy the article even better now . Spread the love !
by BK
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