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Journaling Helps You Look Back!

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
Sometimes you need to turn around and look behind you. You need to look back to see how far you have come.

This is not to say you need to live in the past. This just means you can use it to move you forward.

Have you made progress?

And have you moved? Have you progressed along your path? Or are you still back there, stuck, unmoving, or afraid to step forward?

Or maybe you don't want to move. Maybe you like being where you are, still in the same spot, not going anywhere. And you will remain in the same spot when you look again.

Some people prefer this as change is scary and they do not want to leave the space they are in. If you want to live this way, then all you need to do is accept this about yourself with no complaints, no judgments, no criticisms.

Love yourself, look where you are!

Yet, are you happy there? If so, cool. But maybe you need to look to see that this truly is the case.

All of these are good reasons to journal. This allows you to look back at what you were feeling at a particular time, to see if you have progressed, to see if you have dealt with things and put them to rest. Or are you allowing your fear to keep you a prisoner in your own mind?

Journaling allows you to see how far you have come. It could be where you congratulate yourself on how well you are doing and you can look back in a couple of years and watch your progress.

Did you resolve your issues? Sometimes it is hard to remember as our memories of things fade, other things move into the foreground and we forget, until the next time.

Reflect ! Image courtesy of gratisography

I have been journaling off and on for years and it is amazing to look at the person that I was, to see the things that gave me strife, pain, hurt and caused sorrow. It allows me to look at the things that I would not deal with, or that caused me fear, or made me angry.

For now I can look at those things and see that I no longer am that person, living in those moments that held me captive. Dealing with them has allowed me to move forward, from the past into the future which is now.

I feel different. I love this life and the progress. I love that the things that once bothered me or things that I did not know how to deal with or handle no longer have any control over me.

See where you have been! image courtesy of gratisography

So take the time and you will be pleased that you can mark forward progress by looking back.

"inspiration #learn #insight #love

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You may not even recognise yourself! image courtesy of gratisography
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