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It's all a Miracle

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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Morton Bay Fig Tree

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is."-- Albert Einstein

Don't look for miracles... LIVE THEM.

Some of my absolute favourite quotes come from the great Albert Einstein.  Had he not been a scientist, I think he would have made a wonderful poet. He had a way of seeing life that was full of wonder and awe.  Which is exactly how we all should be seeing this amazing life we are so honoured to be experiencing.

Maybe it was because he had a deeper understanding of how the incredible intricacies of the Universe, all work together to create what we call "life".  If you ever take the time to think about just what had to happen, and how it all had to happen, exactly the way that it had to happen, just for life to exist on this planet at all.... it's insanely awe inspiring.  

Many of our spiritual traditions speak of seeing life through the eyes of a child.  I love to look at the world, all wide-eyed and full of wonder.  Because that's what I believe is called for.  Life is Amazing.  Nature is Incredible.  The sheer diversity on this planet is almost beyond our ability to comprehend it all.  Everywhere I gaze, I see the miraculous.  Plants taking the energy of the suns rays (a burning star over 150 million kilometres away) and turning that energy into a flower.  Tiny insects taking the nectar from that flower and turning it into something sweet and edible.  Water that falls from the sky to quench and nourish.  My own body... knowing what chemicals to produce to sustain my very existence, without me ever having to be involved consciously in the process.

Morton Bay Fig Tree

And yes... all of these things can be explained by science.  But even that is miraculous to me.  That we are given the capacity, ingenuity and inquisitiveness to want to understand how the world around us works. And maybe even where that understanding one day will lead.  It's all a miracle.  It's all Amazing. 

So instead of just spending you day, doing as you have always done, being as you have always been... why not... just for a little while.. try looking upon the world with wide-eyed amazement.  Seeing the awe in all things.  Knowing that what you see is miraculous   and living from that sense of appreciation.. even if only for a little while.  And see how differently things can look, when looked upon  with the eyes of wonder.

Morton Bay Fig Tree

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