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In Praise of Privacy

by Emily (follow)
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We live in the era of the overshare. Countless social media outlets and communication devices urge us to tell, tell, tell, every moment of every day. There is even a new phenomena known as “lifelogging” whereby one’s every moment is logged – for what purpose, I’m not sure.

"Beautiful Light #5" by Amir Kuckovic

TV shows such as Masterchef, which could do just fine as a cooking show, have become more dramatic than Home & Away, with every contestant sharing a personal story that inevitably brings them to tears.

There is a pervasive but inaccurate idea in our society that everyone has a story, and that this story must have shaped them into who they are today. This makes us think that in order to grow, we must experience hardships, and then speak about them.

Your life doesn’t have to be shared. Your experiences don’t have to form you. Sometimes a bad year is just a bad year. We are formed by the good, not just the bad.

Everyone goes through their own ups and downs, but our relentless focus on exposing the bad times is becoming unhealthy. It creates the sort of society whereby people feel compelled to spill their lives out on the concrete for the world to poke and prod at.

It is peaceful to do the opposite. Keep some things – the good and the bad – to yourself for a bit. Turn to your close friends for counsel, not the whole world. Wrap yourself up in your own life and breathe it in – it belongs to you, not anyone else. Look after it. Respect it. Love it.

"A Self Portrait" by Ranna Nicolau

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