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There is something I would like to share with you this morning. It came to my attention a while ago and it made me aware of just how many people in the world use visualization as a means or a way of changing things up for themselves and others.


Way back when, it was called daydreaming and you could do it to create new possibilities or change situations to suit your needs or wants at the time. You could be a pirate, or an astronaut and go into space. You could be a doctor curing the sick. Or you could be on a beach somewhere, with the surf beckoning to you.

In the world these days visualization is huge and is everywhere. People use it for all kinds of reasons, so why not use it to create a better internal life for you?

A while back at a collective gathering of different people, all brought together to make some positive changes and help others, I had to take notice that several people used visualization to create positive and helpful outcomes.

The way through is visualization!

It is used to create or recreate a scene and turn it to a positive. It can be used to perfect your golf game, or tennis match, or can be used to change an incident that has caused you grief or sorrow. It can be used to change negatives inside of you to positive, loving attitudes about yourself. It is used in healing to create outcomes that are beneficial.

It is incredible. Imagine what you want to be, because you can actually achieve it within your mind. You can turn a situation into a positive that allows your thoughts and feelings to change, to grow, to let you feel better, happier, more joyous, more loved.

The effects are profound and lasting, if you keep it up. Meditations use the same visualization techniques which can bring harmony and peace to you. There are several places on the net that you can find videos that will guide you through meditations and visualizations.

Life could be blissful!

Why not give it a go? It can alleviate tension, stress, anger, anxiety, sadness and a whole host of other emotions and fears at the same time. Though it can't change the past it can change the way you look at it and feel about it.

It can bring you a more positive outlook on your life and the world around you.

Just imagine if we all visualized a world full of love and kindness, where everyone all had a home to live in, food to eat and clean water. Imagine if we were all able to get along and what we could accomplish together.

Imagine peace and love, not war!

What if we could visualize all the places in the world where there is war, trauma, strife, poverty, hate and turned it around to be places of love and kindness, where people helped each other? And imagine if we as people loved each other for our differences, and uniqueness, unconditionally?

I think if we spent more time doing this rather than feeding the negative machine the world truly would be a better place.

One love, one world!

Just imagine!

#positivety #love #change #inspiration
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