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I Just Want to Wish You Well!

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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We are not all the same. We defend our right to be different, unique, eccentric, ourselves. Then in the same breath we turn around and criticise someone for their uniqueness, eccentricities, just being who they are.

We need to let go of negative criticisms of others, putting them down so we feel better.

We may never fully understand why people do the things they do, what makes each other tick, what makes us do what we do. If we could only see each other's pains what they are going through, or what hurts they have suffered maybe we would have more tolerance.

girl looking through telescope
If only we could look inside each other - what would we see?

A lovely woman I know suffered the loss of her mother at the age of 6. Her father was incapable of showing her love. In that vein, she grew up without the joy of knowing her mother and her father at the same time. This left a big whole in her heart that translated into heart problems in her adult years.

girl looking through telescope
Even people with thick skin can hurt inside!

If you take a look at Louise Hay's book, "You Can Heal Your Life", she believes we bring about our own illnesses. There is a list of problems and probable causes, an interesting read. We tend to integrate into our bodies ailments and sorrows that then become real pain.

Now this woman carries that sorrow within her, yet you would never know it, and she would never show it to you. Outwardly she is bubbly, sparkly, quick with a joke. Her heart condition is invisible. It has scarred her, self doubt and low self esteem plague her, again all invisible.

girl looking through telescope
Strong emotions can scar us inwardly, coming across as negativety outwardly!

She cannot move quickly, as this stresses her body. If you were sitting on a bus, waiting for her to get on, it would be easy to become impatient with her, she is slow and pokey. You get angry and judge her yet you really don't know her.

It is the same with others. We don't have our problems tattooed on our foreheads. We need to go about our lives respectful of others for what may be going on within them.

Justin Bieber, the young Canadian who has reached fame at an early age is the target these days for negative comments and hate, the same fate that has befallen Britney Spears. One moment they are on top, the next everyone wants to see them fall. Why?

The young make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Can you imagine having your most embarrassing moments put out there for all the world to see? Would you not want people to understand, love you anyway, forgive and forget it happened?

girl looking through telescope
Freedom to be ourselves opens us up to love!

The woman with the heart problem would not be able to handle the criticism or malice.

We need to change, adjust our perceptions. Why not start today? We could view each other as humans, with problems, hurts, hardships, feelings and lives to live.

We are capable of great love, and forgiveness. Because someone has something or a talent that we do not, does not mean they should bear the brunt of our emotions, jealousies, discontent, hatred.

Let's all wish each other well. It could go far in bringing peace and more love to the world.

little girl playing in water
I just want to wish you well!

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Great Article!!

I love Louise Hay... she was the first ever self help author I read. And what you say here is so true. We can't know the whole story and until we walk a mile in another's shoes, we have no right to judge.
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