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How's Your PMA....

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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Tracie Louise Photography happy smiling faces positive attitude mental health

It seems these days that chronic negative thinking has just become a way of being. It's normal. It's almost expected. Complaining about the state of the economy… the weather… the aches and pains… and don't even start me on the government. Having things to complain about almost binds us together in commonality. It has just become the way in which we communicate with one another.

But is it productive?

Is it helpful?

Does it actually do anything to solve the problems we all face, or does it just give us a feeling of all being in the same boat.

Anyone who doesn't take this automatic negative stand point is viewed as a pollyanna. "But you have to be realistic" … is the catch cry thrown at anyone who refuses to see the world in a doom and gloom fashion. "You have to be realistic"…. I really hate that saying. Is it realistic to only see the downside of a situation? Is it realistic to complain about all and sundry without actually doing anything about it?

Tracie Louise Photography happy smiling faces positive attitude mental health

There is much in this world that you have no control over. But there is always one thing that you have 100% control over… and that is your attitude. It is never what happens to you that is the problem, it is how you react to what happens to you, that determines the outcome moving forward. Yes, the economy is bad. In my almost 50 year lifetime, I can only remember one brief period when the economy was not being viewed as bad. But even in so-called bad times, there are people who continue to prosper. Even in boom times there are those who continue to struggle. It is never what is going on outside of us… but always our reaction to it, that creates our reality.

It's your PMA… Positive Mental Attitude, that makes all the difference.

So many of us are in the habit of getting up each morning and putting on negativity in much the same way that we might put on our clothing. "Here we go again, another day, another chance for something to go wrong". And 9 out of 10 times, we get exactly what we expect.

Tracie Louise Photography happy smiling faces positive attitude mental health

But what if we tried something different? What if each morning instead of assuming the worst and facing each new day with an attitude of merely "surviving"… we got ourselves into the habit of expecting the best? What if we adopted a PMA.. a positive mental attitude? It would not necessarily change the world we live in overnight, but it would certainly transform our own experiences of it. Remember… it's not what's happening on the outside…. it's how we are reacting to it, that is determining our life's experience.

So how's your PMA?

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Very well said Tracie!! Love this.... "Thank you"
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