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How to start your day

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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Mornings for many people can involve hitting snooze ten times, crawling out of bed, realising they are late, throughing on clothes and runing out the door without breakfast. For anyone trying to lead an inspired life you will realise that this is not going to motivate you for the day.

I took this photo on the beach at Da Nang, Vietnam

I have talked to a number of people about their mornings and also taken some experiences from my own life compile a list of great ways to start your day.

Just get up

I was going to write, get up early, but the problem is of course that to start our day we have to get out of bed. The best way is to just get up. No hitting the snooze alarm, no waiting for the heater to warm the room, no reading the news on our phone etc.

Simply try and get into the habit of getting up right away. If you are not really a morning person it only take a few minutes to wake up and you don't waste your morning in bed.


There are lots of morning drinks that are designed to wake you up, from ginseng tea, coffee or fruit juice. They all have one thing in common, they hydrate you. You see normally we wake up from a good night's sleep a little dehydrated. Simply drinking water will help wake us up.

Attribution: Flickr - Kenny Louie

My own preference is fruit juice for a bit of a sugar kick in the morning, but whatever you drink, don't forget that partly why we are doing it is for the water.


Many achievers start their day with exercise. Usually 15 minutes to half an hour of exercise will wake you up for the day and give you energy the whole day.

Attribution: Pixabay - jesslef


I used to work with someone who was from a country town. She used to normally have a nice family breakfast at home where the whole family gathered and talked.

I also know some people from the Philippines where they routinely start conversations with strangers on the Jeepneys and Buses on the way to work. They missed this when they moved abroad.

A nice positive conversation makes your day and these days, whether we are rushing out the door, sitting in silence on the subway or driving to work, it rare for people to have great conversations in their mornings.

Have a great breakfast

Whenever I talked to people from different countries or travel to those countries, I routinely ask people about their breakfasts. A common theme is that most people have the same thing every morning. It is food to eat, not food to enjoy.

Attribution: Flickr - Janine

A great way to start a day is with a great breakfast, even better if it is shared with others. Try different things every day, and make food with a little bit of flare.


Many people's mornings are just a process to get out of the door. Why not take some time out of your morning to just relax. This can be sitting on your front porch eating a nice breakfast and enjoying the morning or maybe you walk the dog. Whatever you do, it can be vital to include some time out in the morning.

Attribution: Flickr - Hartwig HKD

Many people who start work later in the day find that they arrive at work in a better mood because they usually end up with more time in the morning for this.

Do something fun

When I was a little kid, getting up early on a school day was very hard, but getting up early on a weekend or holiday was easy. The reason is of course that on those days I was getting up to have fun.

When was the last time you did something fun in the morning? I don't mean sex here, I mean, stop in the city with friends for a breakfast, play a sport or something like that.

Mornings for many people have become something to get through, not something to enjoy. I know on holidays I almost always get up at least one time to watch the sunrise. Doing this means that when I return to work I still want to get up early.

Motivate yourself

Many people start their day with a motivational routine. For some people it is starting their day with gratitude. This doesn't really work for me. I prefer to plan my tasks and work on my list of activities for the day and what I would like to achieve.

Something that is motivational in your morning routine can carry through the whole day.

Cultural differences towards mornings

When I was travelling in Vietnam, I though it would be nice to get up early and head to the beach before it became crowded. I arrived at the beach in Da Nang just as the sun was rising, only to find tens of thousands of Vietnamese had the same idea.

Nearly everyone in Vietnam gets up early to exercise before work

In Vietnam is normal to get up early and go to the beach or park to swim, exercise or just relax.

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