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How To Make A Decision: The Ideal Self

by Emily (follow)
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I have already written once about decision-making, but here is another idea I thought I would share - one which helps me to live a more inspired life.

"Self" by Daniela Vladimirova

If it is true that ‘we are what we do’, it makes sense to say that that we will become what we plan to do.

When faced with a difficult decision, one which will affect your future, you should not consider who you are but who you want to be. This ‘who you want to be’ is your ideal self.

I like to imagine that my ideal self already exists somewhere, perhaps in my future, perhaps in some wonderful alternate universe. When I’m not sure what to do, I wonder what my ideal self would do. In this way, one action at a time, I can become my ideal self – the best possible version of myself – the best ‘me’ that I can be.

If you would like a more ‘scientific’ explanation: Say in my current (real) world, A, I would like to be a more generous person. In my ideal other world, B, I already am a more generous person. Therefore I should act in A as I suppose the act would be performed in B. In this way the ideal self is actively attained.

"Path to my self" by Hartwig HKD

There are many things I consciously choose to do: tidy my house, catch a tram at a certain time, and use a yellow highlighter instead of a green one. However, I do not consider any of these actions an essential component of the person I would like to be.

The exception to this is if my actions are a component of a larger action; for example, if my ideal self is an immaculate homemaker, the action of tidying the living room is authentic is part of the realisation of the ideal self.

By making a continual effort to become the person we want to be, we inch closer to being the best possible version of ourselves. We may not ever make it, but it is the trying, not the success, which is important.

What sort of person is your ideal self? What can you do today to get closer to becoming that person?

"Day 165: 2 Self Portraits" by Sodanie Chea

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