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How To Fall In Love

by Adel A. Brewer (follow)
Adel Angelica Brewer Tungkillo, South Australia.
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The secret to meeting your perfect life partner is not to look for one too intently. Everything has its perfect timing and place.

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If you send a message to the Universe that you are ready for love, be specific; give it reasons why, and tell it what it is YOU will bring to a relationship. Ask for it to send you the type of partner you know will make you happy. Make certain however, that what you ask for is not motivated and fuelled by selfishness. You want your wonderful life partner to continue to be who he or she is, to follow their dreams, fulfill their destiny.

Don't attempt to change your partner to suit your idea of what a relationship should 'look like'. Relationships are all about feelings and if someone helps you to feel great about yourself without having to change a single thing about themselves, you are definitely onto the right path, and congratulations!

Too many times we embark on a relationship expecting this or wanting that, or both. More often than not, what we want in a partner is an attribute we sorely lack in ourselves; we then demand that he/she fill our empty stores with virtues they may very well not possess and this is when the battle begins. Your expectations are not met, and both of you become resentful.

Relationships are really about harmonious co-habitation and persistent co-operation; you teach him what you know, and share with her what you have, and they repay in kind. A successful relationship is like the gentle meandering of two currents along lush and fertile banks, like a warm, waterproof nest that shields the young from all the elements.

Before we can give love freely and with few conditions - if any - we need to truly love ourselves. It sounds cliche' but it's one hundred percent true. Loving ourselves, being comfortable in our own skin is the only way not to expect, demand, surmise, negotiate, litigate.

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Why do you require anything from another when you are full of love and happiness yourself? The real joy of being with anyone is to share, grow, and discover new things with them.

When asking the Universe for your perfect life partner, don't box him or her into "rich, virile, and good looking", you could very well attract a cheater or profiteer that will destroy you; always ask for someone who is for YOUR HIGHEST GOOD. You simply cannot fail by thinking this way.

Lastly, always listen to your intuition (the gut), it never lies. The mind rationalises and the heart idealises. If something - no matter how miniscule - does not sit right with a potential partner, chances are the Universe is telling you to be wary. Too often we say to ourselves; "My love will change him." Yes your love may change something, but at what cost? And, can you sustain this battle forevermore? Love is easy and even when we as physical beings are no longer here, true love continues.

Once we use the secrets of how to fall in love, we are ten times more likely to bring into our disturbed, chaotic world, children who are morally, emotionally, and spiritually equipped to deal with its challenges. They may become the leaders of tomorrow instead of its perpetrators.


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