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Holding on to Baggage!

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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We all have baggage. We carry it around all the time. Some baggage is heavier than others, some is easier to deal with, especially when we ignore it or choose to live inside of it.

We all carry some at one time or another!

So, the question is - do you want to keep carrying it? Do you think, "Well this is my life, this is the way it is for me, it sucks but this is where I am"? Are you so attached to your baggage that you clutch it tightly, almost protectively to the point that you can't see that you can actually put it down and walk away from it? It is a tough question. One that you need to answer honestly.

Picture it - you are dragging along a huge, overweight, oversized suitcase. It has no wheels, it is awkward and you really have to strain to pull it along. Sometimes you have to change position so you push it for awhile, sometimes you try to physically carry it in your arms, or hoist it over your shoulder. The weight is unbearable and every muscle in your body aches because of the load. It makes you sad, depressed, angry, and gives you headaches.

And why are you carrying this? What is inside that is so valuable? Open it up. Take a look inside. What do you see?

Open yourself to the possibilities!

Is there hurt, anger, sorrow, open wounds, disappointments? There is really nothing here worth hanging onto, is there?

So why not purge the baggage? Empty it out of you and set it down. Now take one last look at it and walk away. You can admit to yourself that these feelings and hurts were there but you no longer need to carry them once you acknowledge them.

Many people in the world that are happy are to be congratulated. They have looked at the hurts, set down the loads and walked away. They are lighter, freer and would love to help you to do the same.

Imagine yourself so light you can almost float off the ground. The sun warms your every step, butterflies land on your nose, roses smell ever so sweet and you can now skip down the street or dance your way along. This can be such a freeing experience for you. All you have to do is let go.

Life can be easier!

Yes, this is an oversimplified version of what can be, but do you see the point that letting go can be freeing? If not, go back to the baggage and look again. What is in there worth hanging onto for all of your life?

You can be free. You can be free of the baggage.

Are you ready yet? Or do you feel the need to hang on to it. If so, why? Is there some security in the baggage for you? Open that bag up and look again, take a really good, long, hard, look at it.

Does it serve you? Does it do you any good? Is it a secure place to stay? Does fear keep you from setting it down and walking away? I have been there - I understand. But is it so much a part of you that you would be lost without it?

Life can be sweet!

Would it not be easier to set it down, and walk into a life free of the weight, of the daily drudgery it takes to keep this baggage with you?

There are so many resources to help you. All you have to do is set down the baggage and move away. Yes, there is going to be fear, but fear can be motivating and freeing if you step to the other side of it.

Set it down and see what if feels like when you can walk away. I wish you well on your journey.

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So many resources are there to help you free yourself!

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Sharo, once again - wonderfully written, loved it !
by BK
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