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Hi Ho Hi Ho, it's off to Work we Go

by Jo Ferguson (follow)
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Did you ever watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and think, why they are always so cheerful about going to work?

The Seven Dwarfs Off to Work
Off to Work We Go

If you read my recent article about finding your true calling then you will know that finding a career you love where you feel you are making a difference, can be a major factor in work satisfaction.

So what happens when you still havenít found your true calling? Or when you are stuck doing a job you dislike because you have financial commitments?

And what about the seven dwarfs? Did they really enjoy hard manual labour, day after day? What strategies might they have used to be happy and motivated about their Job?

The Seven Dwarfs Off to Work
Sing While Walking to Work

A sense of appreciation for being able to work is hugely motivating. If youíve ever been out of paid work for a long time due to illness, an accident, or taking care of children full time, you will have greater appreciation for the opportunity to go out to work again.

Having been out of the work myself for a long time I now find I am leaping out of bed with enthusiasm since starting regular work again. Admittedly it helps that I enjoy my job as a freelance writer and photographer. But honestly, it is more about it being a boost to my self esteem and sense of self worth having something challenging and meaningful to focus on every day.

My daughter is recovering from a bad bout of bronchitis. She declared emphatically that she had decided she was never going to be sick again. This is clearly kid speak for how much she misses having something meaningful to do too, and I know she will be heading off to school with gusto come Monday.

But I digress. Letís get back to the Seven Dwarfs.

A tool they use to improve their enjoyment of work is having good relationships with their co-workers.

The Seven Dwarfs Off to Work
Connect with Colleagues

My work as a freelancer finds me often working alone so it's especially important to keep in regular contact with my fellow editor and Hub administrator. We hold an informal meeting over the Internet every morning to discuss tactics and evaluate our progress. We still manage time to have a joke or two and it is one of the highlights of my working day.

The dwarfs always sing on their way to and from work. Singing is a great way to lift your mood and cheer you immensely. So sing whenever you can, whether it be walking to the bus stop or driving in peak hour, or even at work if you can get away with it. If your workplace allows, put the radio on a station that plays upbeat music.

The dwarfs think positively about their work and always make it fun. Like anything in life, work is what you make of it. You can view it as boring drudgery or you can see it as doing something worthwhile. After all, if your job wasnít worthwhile in some way then no one would actually pay you to do it. Feel blessed, you are healthy and able bodied enough to be working and you are making a difference in whatever small way.

The Seven Dwarfs Off to Work
Value your Work

Try to find ways to make your duties fun, turn them into a game with your co-workers or even on your own. Challenge yourself to reach certain goals like itís a competition, and always reward yourself later for a job well done.

And remember, you are the fortunate ones, so many others cannot and may never be able to work.

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My husband works in a high stress, long hour, corporate situation and it order to lighten the mood, once a week they have a "themed" lunch. Everyone pitches in a brings a dish, and sometimes they even take it off site, or they even fancy dress it up a bit. I often think it's kinda juvenile some of the things that they come up with, but given the high pressure situations that they are often forced to work under, I certainly don't begrudge them blowing off a little steam.

Great article Jo.
I think that sounds like a great idea. He must have a really forward thinking boss which is so good to see.
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