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Hearing And Inspiration

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Musical Note
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The sense of hearing brings inspiration into my life in various ways. I love talking to people and also hearing what they have to say. The sounds of Nature inspire me. Music provides inspiration and I am listening to instrumental tracks as I write this.

Communication is very important and enriches my life every day. I have just spent some time with friends and now have lots to think about. We discussed recent news events and aspects of our personal lives.

A trip to an art exhibition provided more for us to talk about. Being able to discuss the works of art on exhibit deepened the experience for each of us. On the way home we drove through older suburbs and talked about the joys and not so good aspects of living in an old stone house, filled with history, character and probably salt damp.

Hearing what others have to say can help us gain understanding of the viewpoint of another person. It can provide us with new information. Discussion can help us see our own problems in a different light.

I love waking up to the sound of birds chirping in the garden and in the trees across the road. When I sit out the front with my morning coffee I listen to the birds. Sometimes I canít see the birds camouflaged in the dense foliage of the trees but I know what birds are there from the sound of their calls. Occasionally at night I hear an owl hooting. Owls are my favourite bird so hearing one makes me happy.

Musical Note
Doves have a peaceful call. Authorís own photo

At the moment I can hear the sound of young galahs being fed by their mother. It is a sound one only hears at this time of the year when there are baby galahs around. I have not seen any this year but the sound lets me know they are nearby.

The wind blowing through the sheoak tree across the road makes a sighing sound. I find this comforting and relaxing. I donít know if it is just the quality of the sound itself or if it reminds me of the sheoak in the front yard of my childhood home. Even if I had never seen the sheoak I would know it was there because of the sound. Wind blowing through the leaves of the gums or the pepper trees sounds different.

Musical Note
Sheoak Authorís own photo

The sound of flowing water is inspirational, whether it be a water feature in the backyard, waves at the beach or a flowing river. Flowing water is relaxing and good for the soul. It is lovely to listen to waves lapping the shore or breaking on the rocks.

I like to listen to the sound of the river flowing, especially when it is accompanied by frogs croaking. A waterfall also makes a nice sound.

Musical Note
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There are many types of music. Some music is exciting, invigorating and makes me want to dance. Other music is soothing and can help me sleep. I enjoy listening to buskers in the streets playing music. Sometimes they combine unexpected instruments to produce a new and unique sound.

I listen to music when I write. Sometimes I listen to instrumental music such as pan pipes and other times I listen to singing. My mood and what I am writing will influence whether I choose something slow and quiet as background music or something up tempo.

The sense of hearing provides stimulation at times and helps me relax under other circumstances. I can be inspired through stimulation or relaxation, just in different ways.

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