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Happiness is....

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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As life goes on, it's hard not to struggle under the weight of problems in our own life and the world. Each day can be a struggle of bills, friction and the mundane, as well as terrifying and depressing news of human activity around the globe. Sometimes we need to take stock and remind ourselves of how happy we really are.

It's human nature to enjoy the moment but not 'collect' it in our store of emotions. We hold onto the terrible slight and drama filled incidents, quick to recall them, but forget the daily moments where happiness is the reigning emotion - walking on a sunny day, laughing with a friend, watching a movie in cool air-conditioned darkness and so on. We don't see them as important enough to matter.

However, that's the trick to life. It's ALL important. The mundane is more important than the big events, because that's what we squander the most time on. So those are the memories we need to focus on. Laughing in the car with the kids on the way to the shops is more valuable than a wedding...we spend more of our life doing one than the other.

We need to bookmark, if you will, those moments. They need to be the over-riding memories that come flooding back to us. They aren't meaningless if they make us happy.

For the next week, when you're happy, pause and take a moment to acknowledge it. See if your mood lightens when you realise how happy you actually are most of the time. Start building that bank of happy moments.


When are you happy? When you go to the beach? When you buy a new book? When you have your first cup of coffee for the day? When you walk past some flowers? It won't be the big event, it will be small, yet will happen far more than you realise.

Fill in the blank. Happiness is....

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