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Grateful in Advance...

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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be grateful for what you have, you'll end up having more

Much has been said about the benefits of Gratitude and of displaying a grateful attitude. I have seen wondrous developments in my own life as a result of expressing gratitude on a regular basis.

Of course it’s easy to be grateful when you have obvious things to be grateful for. Not so easy when things are not going according to plan. Even harder still, when you are facing some form of personal or financial crisis.

Tracie Louise Photography bird gratitude grateful LOA manifestation

I counselled a woman recently who had undergone a tremendous personal tragedy…. the kind of loss that one cannot even imagine unless you have gone through it yourself. Telling this friend to be grateful sounded kind of trite. But I still firmly believed in the merits of finding (and preferably listing) things to be grateful for, even in the face of tragedy. No matter how challenging our difficulties may seem… we can still find things (a great many things if we try) to be grateful for, and once we start to actively look for them, it can truly have a snowball affect.

But here’s an idea. How about being grateful in advance? How about actually showing enough faith in the divine laws of the Universe, that you are willing to show gratitude for that which has not physically shown up yet in your life. Now takes some effort.

But that is how true manifestation works. Being able to “know” without a shadow of a doubt, that that which you desire will be a part of your reality, and never wavering in that conviction, and actually having the audacity to say Thank You in advance. Now that’s true Faith….. that’s true Power.

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