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Give Yourself the Gift of Love

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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At this time of year we are all busy running around, trying to find the perfect gift for those we love. Sometimes we hit the mark, sometimes we don't, but we try and that is what counts.

Or we have no one to buy gifts for, making the season a little lonely or depressing. Maybe you have no family, maybe your family is on another continent. Maybe you are alone, or are estranged from the family you do have. These are all circumstances that can surround our lives.

In all cases, there is really only you. You are with you, always. So in this season, what do you do for yourself?

It is there for you to take!

Do you decide that your health, your emotions, your body, will all wait until it is over then you can rest? Do you stress about all of it? Does this time of year make you sad?

Why not do something in the middle of all this emotion, stress, sadness, amidst all the others who are out there stressing?

Why not give yourself a real gift? Why not give yourself the gift of love?

This will take a bit of time. All you need to do is realize that you are as important as everyone else that will ever cross through your life. You are here with you, right now. Your health and welfare are as important as those you love, or those you have yet to love.

Love yourself!

If you can take 5 minutes to show yourself some love, you will benefit for years to come, not only at Christmas.

Stop and look into a mirror and into your eyes. Tell yourself you love you. Tell yourself you are perfect the way you are. Love yourself enough to forgive mistakes you make, or have made in the past.

Slow yourself down, take a rest, breathe deeply, breathe even deeper and then do it again. Calm yourself, tell yourself you are the love of your life. Believe it. There is no one who can love you like you if you give yourself a chance.

Feel the love you can have for yourself!

This actually changes the world around you. It really does become a little shinier, brighter and more joyful when you see your life through the eyes of love.

It takes practise and time but if you continue to practise and to keep telling yourself that you are love, you will begin to feel that way. This will be the gift that keeps giving to you, from now and forever, if you practise and make it a habit.

Look and you will find it!

We all want love and we all want to be loved. And we are uniquely qualified to give ourselves the love that we so want. Everything after this is a bonus. Life is too short to go through it without loving ourselves.

Life becomes shinier!

Give yourself the gift of love this Christmas. You will forever be grateful you did.

#choice #insight #advice #growth #happiness
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