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Give Us A Break

by Emily (follow)
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I recently received a chain e-mail from a former workplace acquaintance, headlined with the popular Einstein quote “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” The email went on to proclaim “That Day Is Here!” and as I scrolled I saw a trail of pictures of young people on their phones on transport, while out for dinner, while at the beach, etc.

I bristled.

"Technology Use" by Denise Krebs

Take any group of people, give them an astonishingly powerful device capable of communicating with the world and accessing all of humanity’s accumulated knowledge – what should we expect to happen? That they ignore it? Decide they’d rather do something else?

Information and Communication Technology is a wondrous thing. When it comes to using it, we’re still like an infant with its first toy. We’re still exploring, discovering – and, yes, sharing pictures of cats. What angered me about the email was the sweeping assumption that users of technology are inherently stupid, or incapable of usual interaction.

I believe that, while there may be exceptions, this is not true. Our ability to compose a handwritten letter may have diminished, but our ability to explore, research and filter information has vastly increased. Times change. I cannot, like my ancestors could, darn a stocking or embroider a landscape. There was once a time when these abilities faded and people longed for the old times. Once again old skills pass and new skills are born.

"The great growling engine of change - technology. Alvin Toffler" by Kate Ter Haar

Let’s give ourselves a break. After all, we’re young, and this is still a shiny new toy.

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So true! While it's great to switch off for a while and have a 'technology detox', it's such a fantastic tool be embraced and shared - for purposes both serious and silly!
I am so glad you wrote this. I have been having this discussion with some people lately. My argument was similar... once upon a time everyone rode a horse. It was the only way from A to B, so everyone knew how to ride. Today, comparatively few people know how to ride.. myself included.

There are only one thing that is certain in this Universe and that is Change. Evolve, grow, change or die. It's that simple.

oh.... and who doesn't love a good LOL cat :D
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