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Forgiveness Part 2

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
So after realizing you need to forgive - how do you go about it?

It is definitely easier said than done, though if you make a conscious effort it is worth it.

One step at a time!

Who has hurt you, wronged you, kicked you when you were down? Who has hurt you when they didn't know? Who hurt you but didn't mean to? If you start to think about the ones that have really made an impact on you, you will know which ones you have to let go of.

Look back upon your life. Sometimes things will come to you, or have to unfold over time. Make a list if need be. This could take time, even days or years. We carry hurts for a long time. Releasing them may take the same. Let it come to you when it will. No one ever has to know. There is no point in dredging up old stuff with people, what happened is not important. Just the act of forgiving and letting it go is enough.

Bring your hurt to light and forgive them!

Looking back at my life I know there are many instances where I held onto things, never saying anything, not having the right tools, not knowing how to deal with things. Within me lived a scared little girl, and a warrior, ready to do battle for the scared little girl, my survival skills.

At 5 years old our male babysitter abused me. Now without going into detail, I was able to rid myself of the shame a long time ago. I never told my parents and only a handful of my friends. But the whole ordeal manifested in me as claustrophobia, amongst other things. It was only this year (I am 56) that I realized I needed to forgive him. A heavy weight, literally, lifted off me. Now, I can imagine what may have happened to him that put this behavior in him. It would have been dreadful. I hope he has healed within his life and let it go as well.

Releasing the old, forgiving the old, is freeing. It releases all the pent up feelings and energy that is wasted on things long gone. It helps heal the pain that you may have manifested inside your body.


How can you do this?

Keep at it. Go see the lovely naturopath, Nardia Renney (find her in the Natural Therapy pages on the internet), or someone of your own choosing. Talk, if you need to. Go to One Natural Therapies (www.onenaturaltherapies.com.au), where the shining Alexis can teach you yoga, mindfulness, meditation and breathing to help you find peace.

woman on beach
Think about it!

Meditation quiets your mind and brings about surprising thoughts and feelings that are beneficial over time and can help in your healing and forgiveness.

Find peace and release!

If you believe in God and Jesus, use them. They want you to be free. Place all your anger and hurt in their hands. Ask them to help you forgive. Picture yourself doing this, a hundred times a day if that is what it takes. You will feel the release.

I like to picture myself handing the objects of my forgiveness (as they too need healing) over to the angels.

I have felt the release of pains in my body from forgiving others and myself. It is so incredible and uplifting. Within yourself, let go, forgive and release, then live a life of freedom.

Open up and let go!
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Wow..beautifully written Sharo. I just read both of them, I wish I could meet Nardia too.
by BK
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