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Food for Life

by carolyncordon (follow)
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Food is life, it is health, it is our saviour and it is our downfall. The food grown in our great Southern land (Australia, ands South Australia in particular) feeds most of us, the sale of our food-related produce brings our country money, provides work in the growing, production and distribution of the food.

From the grains in the paddocks, the fruit trees in the orchards, and vegetables in the market gardens, come wonderful food products that go toward making the spice of our life. Without food, life would leave us, and without the foods made and marketed, money would disappear. With all of this wonderful food available, I wonder why all of us aren’t fit and full of vim and vigour.

"Sorbus aucuparia fruit" by Ervins Strauhmanis

Sadly, not everyone partakes of our wonderful foods. Some people feel they can’t afford these foods, and dine on processed ‘non-foods’ instead. The processed foods are often loaded with fats and sugars, and other unknowable chemicals, preservatives and so on.
Recently I read a tweet commenting on how long fast foods last, and with the enormous amount of preservatives, these ‘foods’ last for years and years, well beyond the time actual foods would have rotted away. I’ve since looked further into this, on a website that conducted a proper scientific experiment on this issue, it was showed that a McDonalds did actually go off, get mouldy, as did the ‘control’ burgers used. So that disproved the tweet I’d read.

All of this is interesting, and goes against what the tweet said, but beyond that, I certainly know that the home made burgers I make won’t go off at all, because they’re so yummy, they get eaten up! Whether the foods could last longer or not won’t matter if the foods are so good they get eaten up by appreciative diners!

Some preservatives can have unhealthy side effects, such as damage to the heart, or can possibly lead to cancers. The first preservative was probably salt. There is often more salt in processed foods than is ideal for a healthy diet. Fresh fruit and vegetables, eaten when in season, are always a good and tasty way to get the nutritional things you need to lead a healthy life.


And of course, then there’s chocolate ... Many people like chocolate, some absolutely love it, some odd people will say they don’t like it, and some are addicted to it. The healthy way to deal with chocolate may be the way I do it – I only eat high quality chocolate, and only eat a moderate amount of it on a single day. Because it’s high quality, it’s expensive, which means I can’t afford to eat loads of it. It’s a good thing, otherwise I’d have to buy new, bigger clothes.

All things in moderation is the best way to go – eat good food and enjoy what you eat!

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