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Finding the Light

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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"You can't discover light by analysing the darkness"

Yellow Daisy

I just read the above quote in a book "Being in Balance, by Wayne Dyer... and this statement struck such a cord with me that I immediately put the book down and began to write this article.

"You can't discover light by analysing the darkness" - Brilliant.  And so True.

And yet, that is what so many of us try to do.  It is the very basis of all traditional therapy.  If we just delve deep enough into our past, into our pain, we will somehow heal and discover true happiness and freedom.

This always struck me as a strange.  How can focusing on all that we perceive as "wrong" in our lives EVER make anything right.  And yet, as a society we are almost exclusively programmed to act and to speak this way.  When asked about your day, how often do you respond with a litany of all the woes that have befallen you.  It becomes almost like a competition to see who can report having had the worst day.  One trying to outdo the other with tales of woe.

Our very media and news services not only rely on this, but thrive on this negative way of thinking.  Reporting all that is wrong with the world and all the reasons why life is just plain difficult. It has become the primary reason why I no longer tune into news broadcasts of any kind.

But let me ask you this.... has all of this negative talk ever improved your life?  Sure it might have gotten you a brief moment of sympathy, but more than likely it was met with yet another tale of woe from your listeners own experience, as they did their best to “one-up” you with their own negativity. And whilst it is rarely done in malice, it is also almost never truly helpful. Apart from maybe giving you both a platform from which to feel empathy, focusing on the darker side of life, can never bring forth light.

Yellow Daisy

The other day in the supermarket I over heard a woman saying, "well that's just how it is these days".. and I had to chuckle to myself.  At every moment in history, some poor person has lamented about "how it is these days".

So rather than looking for the light by crawling around in the darkness.  Rather than trying to improve the quality of your life by constantly complaining about it, and focussing purely on the negative... how about we use collective energies to deliberately create light.  Yes... not only discovering light... but "creating" it ourselves.

Yellow Daisy

With gratitude for all we already have... no matter how big or small it may seem.
With kindness to all with whom our paths cross.
With a conscious effort to seek out the positive, be it in word, or thought or deed.
And with determination to live a life of grace and beauty, regardless of what the outside world may look like. 

You certainly can find the light (happiness, joy and peace) in life, but not ever once by crawling around in and immersing yourself in the darkness.

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