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Finding Self-Wisdom through Dreams

by carolyncordon (follow)
Carolyn Cordon Positively Positive Prose! mickjaneandme.wordpress.com/
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This is a dream I had, and I will follow it with my thoughts and understanding on what it may mean. I certainly don’t believe all dreams have meanings we must locate, if we are to have great life. I do believe though that looking at our own lives in an objective way can help us to understand our own lives.

“I was inside a room I didn’t recognise. There were lots of other people there and it was noisy with talking. My friend Ally was with me, but I knew she had to leave soon, to go back to her life of working in shearing sheds.
Ally told me she wanted to enter my poetry competition. She gave me a piece of paper as well as a cheque. I had the feeling that the piece of paper had a poem on it that was important to Ally.
She then handed me a folder, said, ‘You’ll find something in there,’ and she left.
I looked in the folder – there was an untidy mess of pages. Then I looked at the cheque – it was made out for $20 which meant there Ally thought there were at least four poems in there for consideration for the competition ($5 a poem).
I knew there would be some good poems there, and I felt excited to be given the task of finding the best four of my friend’s poems. I knew what I had to do and I was eager to get started on doing it.
I hoped I’d like the poem on the single page because it seemed important to my friend.

Then I woke up.”

Now, as a fiction writer, I wouldn’t ever finish a story with the words “Then I woke up”. That is one of the definitely wrong ways to end! A story should give some form of understanding of the characters in the story. And in your dreams, you are the main character, because you are the one having the dream.


So here are my thoughts on what this dream means. It’s a poem that could easily have happened in real life. I am the Competition Secretary for a Poetry group that runs a national and annual poetry competition in Australia. My friend has indeed moved out of my life to a large extent, by moving to another district, leaving me with my one-time coffee pal gone.

Ally and I met up through our sons, but coffee and chatting strengthened our friendship. Poetry made it something special. With Ally moving on though, that connection has been broken. Ally now spends her time working, and I spend much of my time with poetry.

I feel this dream is to remind me that Ally and I are still connected, even though we aren’t able to see each other for coffees every week. We have shared poetry together, and we even self-published a book together.

Dit It book

These connections will always be there. My dream told me to cherish that connection, and this is what I am going to do.

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