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Fail Often...

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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Years ago in what seems like another lifetime now, I used to work with the long-term unemployed, training them, and helping them to find jobs.  I used to have a favourite saying for people after they had gotten a rejection letter from an interview.... "that's great", I would say, "it's just 1 no closer to your yes".  

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I had a theory that for each person, it would take a certain amount of "no's".... before they heard that magic "yes". .... and each rejection letter got you closer to your goal.

I now have a new theory... Fail Often!  Fail as many times as you can. Fail loud, fail proud, and if you are going to fail... then fail spectacularly.  And why.......
Because if you are not failing.... you are not trying.  You are not taking risks.  You are not putting yourself out there.  You are not experimenting... trialling.... exploring the possibilities.

And lets be honest.  Not every single thing that you do is going to be a glorious success.  But isn't that how we learn.

I have had some people get discouraged with photography because the very first time they picked up a camera their images didn't look that of Ansel Adams.... and so they decided photography was not for them. My first attempts sucked.  They blew chunks.  They were awful. I failed miserably.  And over time, they got better.  And I hope that over time, they continue to improve.  But I still experiment.... ALL THE TIME.  Some experiments work well.  If I am completely honest... most don't.  But each and every time, I learn something new.

Tracie Louise Photography

I am constantly failing at things.  Because I am constantly trying new things.  All of life is a risk.  I used to think that if I never took any risks I would never get hurt and my life would be comfortable.  And it was comfortable..... and safe..... and risk free.... and completely 100% unexciting and unfulfilling.

Your success... the life of your dreams... lies outside of your comfort zone.

So get a little uncomfortable.

Take some calculated risks.

And be prepared to fail.... a lot.

And eventually to succeed TREMENDOUSLY!!!!

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