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Enjoy Your Life Moments

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
We spend an amazing amount of time becoming us.

So much of our lives are spent learning and growing, right through from our infancy into our teens, from our 20's to our 30's to our 40's and so on.

Each era and aspect comes with its own advances.

When you are an infant you learn all the basics of our lives, you begin walking, talking, eating, reading, dressing yourself, and living in a family.

baby feet
Everything at first takes baby steps!

In your teens, life takes on a different meaning. You learn how to become part of the social world. You learn who your friends are, what types of behaviors are acceptable and which ones do not suit you or your friends. You learn to find a place, though this is much easier said than done, especially in your teen years.

In your 20's you are partying, not as much as in your teens, but you are also becoming aware of your place in the world. You decide what you like to do in regards to work. You will sort out your education, work in a field that you have studied, or perhaps you decide not to go further in school so you are in a job, that you will change, maybe a handful of times in your life. You will also be looking for a mate, someone to share your life with.

baby feet
You start to sort yourself out!

In your 30's, if you have found your mate you will be setting up house, having babies, hopefully enjoying your life. Either that or you are spending lots of time on your job or career and travelling about. And it carries you into your 40's, 50's and beyond.

Interestingly enough, when you get into your 50's you start to realize that everything you thought you were is not always the case. You begin to realize that life is getting shorter and that you need to make sure you are having a good time. So you do a quick turn and become a teenager again.

baby feet
Back to having fun again!

Life is fun and you are paring down for retirement. You may travel more, go more places, enjoy plays or shows, find new hobbies and such. Your kids, if you had them, will be living their own lives and growing on as is the fashion of we humans.

Not all people will live any of these ways and there are no set rules, this is just a generalization of what could be. The learning, however, goes on and on and on.

It is apparent from our outer appearances how we go through the changes in our lives. Our inner work is much harder to see.

baby feet
Outer changes are apparent!

The interesting thing about all this is you start to question things about your life, your beliefs, how you feel about yourself. Some people will challenge and change themselves to become happier within their own skin, bringing joy to themselves and others.

woman and horse
You can choose to be happy or not!

Others will never even take a glance. They will carry on, happy or not, into their 80's and beyond. They will not really be joyful, but maybe live with their regrets, sorrows and wish that life could be different.

woman and horse
Others will never take a look at their lives!

How will you choose?

Life is forever a process of growing and learning. How ever you choose to do it - enjoy it all along the way.

woman and horse
How will you choose?
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