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Enjoy the Christmas without being 'Perfect'

by BK (follow)
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There is absolutely no way that you haven’t heard of this term being used so often without much thinking. Everyone is looking for perfection in everything they do.

Please do an exercise for me today. Go to any search engine and just type something similar to the picture below. You will see funny results. But sometimes, it's just sad to see so many people driving themselves crazy for that perfectionism.

google search screenshot
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We cannot blame ourselves for it. Society and the media contribute to this as well. Today if you go to a bookshop or supermarket, you will find at least one book that is titled something like, ‘How to cook the perfect Christmas Dinner’, ‘ How to loose weight in 10 days’ or ‘How to make a perfect Thanksgiving turkey’.

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Times have changed a lot. Being perfect once meant providing meals for your family, keeping your kids healthy and maintaining your house in a good condition. It's not the same anymore. You are not perfect if you do not enroll your kids in sports, participate in volunteer events in school, and arrange lunch and dinner for extended family or friends and so much more.

lady in kitchen

While you watch those advertisements on TV before Christmas, please do not get swept away. Of course Jamie Oliver can cook any meal in 30 minutes, because he has all the required ingredients and groceries right there in fridge. He has perfect electronic equipment. No kids are running around him in the kitchen. Another aspect we do not see on TV is the amount of time and money spent in buying all those ingredients. What we see on television is ‘perfectionism’ beautiful dishes with popping colors being served on perfect serveware. The tables are sparkling and the weather is perfect. Now is that something you can control?

Jamie Oliver
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There is one common thing that I have read in so many books, and that is how to be really happy by getting rid of the ‘All or nothing’ mindset. There is much more to you than just bringing good food on the table or keeping the sink clean. I understand that it makes you feel good but this is not a life and death situation. Let go of small things this festive season and free yourself to enjoy much more.

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Decorate your home this Christmas like you always do. The ornaments on your Christmas tree do not have to match with anything on the cover of a famous magazine. Do not let a tiny bit of dust or unmade bed bother you so much. Do things according to your priority and do not drown in unhappiness if the cake was not cooked to perfection.

Celebrate the beautiful things and concentrate less on the flaws. One cake will not declare you as a bad cook. If your kids did not like the gift or did not behave perfectly on Christmas with your relatives, it does not make you less of a parent. Set realistic expectations for yourself.

Most importantly, treat yourself more often by doing what you like. Learn to say no and celebrate the festive season by enjoying it and not keeping yourself busy trying to make everything perfect.


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