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Energy Healing

by sharo (follow)
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The first time I heard of energy healing I thought nothing of it. Then I heard it again and it tweaked my interest. The third time I heard it I knew I was meant to pay attention. I am happy I did - it has had a substantial impact on my life and I want to share that with you.

Pay attention!

What is energy healing?

If you think of something, someone, or a situation that has bothered you, left you feeling insecure, sad, angry or given you pain you can probably notice that when you think of this, something within your body reacts, your stomach clenches or perhaps you get tense. This happens every time you run into this person or situation and it feels like you are reliving it over and over. It could be a sense of dread, a wave of sadness, a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach or you may even feel like your thoughts are stuck in a spinning vortex creating turmoil within you. You may feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders or are drowning in disappointment, feeling heavy and uncomfortable.

Look inside!

This event has left its mark on you, manifested into an energy blockage that you will physically feel somewhere in your body. It may take time for you to recognize it but if you look closely you will realize what it is. And because as humans we let things pile up, there will be layers of things to delve into over time, and as they show up you can deal with them.

This blockage is the result of residual energy from the experience and you may feel pain in your body long after the episode has faded into history.

Grow a happier life!

Several things in life will do this to us and because we are made of energy, live in energy, and absorb and hang onto the energy that blocks our forward growth we can also unblock, release, and let it flow freely away by healing our energy. We can reconnect and grow a happier life by making a practise of energy healing.

Now there have always been people who could see auras, use their intuition expertly, feel things others can't and some have found ways to put these skills towards energy healing.

We are energy!

You can read the book "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden and get a really well-written explanation of energy and everything science about it. She is able to see people's energy systems and relates these systems to parts of our bodies, giving exercises to help. Gary Craig has refined a tapping technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping, an acupressure technique that helps unblock stuck energies. Carol Tuttle, an American woman who has overcome severe depression, has blended these techniques along with Reiki to come up with a unique way of healing your energy.

mountains and lake
Find the healing energy within you!

After taking Carol's Energy Mastery course and doing several energy healings with Carol and on my own, I have found my center, peeled back the layers and released numerous things I have held onto over the years. I have come to love myself, and can now heal things as they come up instead of letting them hold me back.

There is peace within me, I can look at myself in the mirror and tell myself that I am loved and that I now can help others. You too can heal, and it is so worth the new being you get to become.

mountains and lake
Learn more about your energy!

Contact me if you want to know more by leaving a comment at the end of this article. Cheers.

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