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by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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Emotions, we all have them, though sometimes they feel like a curse.

Some of us are really adept at expressing our emotions, especially when it comes to anger. And some of us are really good at hiding how we feel, much to our own detriment.

dirt road
The road we travel would be easier!

Others of us, bottle up our emotions, keeping them hidden, burying them inside. And we begin to be afraid of them or we ignore them completely.

Did you know emotions when left undealt with, become physical, affecting our bodies in several ways?

Some people will store them and they become muscular and skeletal issues. Some people bury things in their tissues and it affects their skin, and some people bury them deeply so that aches and pains manifest in their organs.

dirt road
Maybe we need to learn about them in school!

Holding onto our emotions causes blockages within us and we begin to stagnate. We get tired, feel heavy, unhappy, and unsatisfied with life.

There are several of us out there that grew up not knowing how to express our emotions. And many of us decided it was better not to let anyone know what was going on. We did not want to be ridiculed or embarrassed and we did not want to make a big deal. We did not even want others to know that we were human.

dirt road
We could fly and be free!

If any of this sounds like you, know that you can release and let go of the old, unacknowledged emotions that you are still carrying around.

And how do you know you are still carrying them around?

Think of something that has hurt you, made you angry, upset you, and embarrassed you. Sit with it for a moment. Do you feel it? Does it feel like it just happened again? Do you feel that emotion all over again? Does your arm throb, do you feel it in the pit of your stomach, or do you feel like you did when you were back in high school? If so, you are still carrying it around and it is not going anywhere because you are holding on to it so tightly.

dirt road
Sometimes those emotions can be like a damn bursting!

It may take some time, a great deal of effort and a lot of soul searching but you can be free. You can release and let them go. None of this serves any purpose anymore but to keep you mired in the past.

Storing undealt with emotions take space within you, keeping you from being more loving and healthy towards yourself. By releasing the old, the outdated, and the no longer necessary, you allow yourself to get on with living for the now, not in the past where these old emotions and hurts are stored.

Because when you least expect it, one can reach out and grab you, throwing you for a loop.

So acknowledge it. Tell yourself, “Yes - that made me angry. Yes – that hurt my feelings.” You are acknowledging that your feelings are valid and releasing them at the same time.

You can have a new day and love it too when you release and free yourself from old, trapped emotions!

You are a worthy person, complete with emotions that we all have. What you feel is real and part of who you are. Let it go and be free, and no longer afraid.

#choice #advice #growth #understanding #freedom
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I liked this article. It sure made me think.
So glad - hope it helps in some way!
by sharo
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