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Embrace Change!

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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Well, here it is, 4 days until we leave this home we have made together. After moving here from Canada almost 9 years ago, it brings up a world of emotions, some I am sure I have not been through before.

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People say, how can you leave, you have built such a nice home here? You have such a beautiful garden. You will miss it. You will miss living in Chapel Hill. You are leaving a house you shared with your children.

While all of these things are true, it is the need for a new adventure, the change, a new project, excitement to be in a different environment that spurs us on.

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A new road!

With an 8 year plan in mind, we move on from here, like a pre-retirement adventure. We want to go where we have not gone before. We want to move on, move ahead, and just step on to another road.

There are many reasons, and they have definitely changed from the first ones that spurred us to want to move in the first place, though the original reasons are still valid.

There was so much work to do here all the time,maintenance every 3-6 months, staining decks, washing windows on a 2 story house, scaling rocks to garden, keeping things up. It was getting to be too much and I was over it.

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Change can be large or small!

So we bought a house that needs a whole reworking of the garden. hahaha

We were going to downsize as our children are now adults, living their own lives. So with this in mind we bought a bigger house, not the smaller one we had envisioned. This was not our original intent, but this is how it has gone.

We were going to get a place with less work to do. So this one is dated and we want to change the kitchen and 3 bathrooms. Again, I have to laugh.

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Once you start it is hard to stop!

We wanted a pool to keep us cool in the hot Queensland summers. We now don't have a pool but an outside spa that will work to keep us cool. Here at least, is less maintenance.

We looked for 5 months and saw more than one house that we could have called our own. Each of those however, fell short of what we wanted. Had we been in our 30's we would have relished the challenges that each one put forth. We are over too much extensive work but want just enough to keep us busy, happy and thriving in the new place we will make our own. Then we will be ready to move on to the next adventure, which is retiring to a unit up the Sunshine Coast. haha

Change is ok!

We will probably end up on a farm or something, not the unit we think we will like.

My whole point is, don't be afraid of change, of changing your mind, of moving forward in a different direction than you first thought you were going.

Life is about going with the changes, the flow that takes you from one state of mind to the next, from one path to another. Life is about challenges and also realizing your challenges don't have to be scaling great mountains, though those are there for you if that is what you want. You can also choose just to walk up a new hill.

The changes can be enough for you to make you happy, excited about the next step, and a little nervous, which is exhilarating at the same time.

Take the next step!

Life can change just enough or a lot, so embrace the changes, within your environment, and within yourself and your life will be rewarding.

#inspiration #happiness #insight #positive thinking
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