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Doing Too Much

by lynjo (follow)
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There are times when we feel like we have boundless energy. Our body feels healthy and energetic. Our mind is free and ready to be engaged. We have somehow found a way to rid ourselves of distractions or the needs of others - even for short spurts.

We find ourselves seeking out stimulation, opportunities to do new things, create something we havenít created before and to connect with others who feel the same way. We can become quite busy when we have this kind of energy. Our new found interests and hobbies can take up a lot of our time. We may even want to spend every spare moment engaged in these.

Finding ways of maintaining a balance where we have some time to relax, time to do the things we have to do as well as time to undertake these new interests can be challenging; finding that balance in how we use our body and mind, stretching ourselves to find new ways to test our strengths and capacities. Finding new ways of doing, thinking and feeling.

In what may on first appearances seem to be paradoxical, we can find that putting in the effort to do the new things actually creates more energy, helps us get through the chores faster and with less effort, do the things we need to do, much more easily. Makes our life more meaningful and purposeful so that time is more valuable and appreciated.

Our energy seems to somehow transfer itself and we can find that we actually have time to do all of those things we want to do, and have to do, after all.

It appears that having flow and satisfaction in part of our life enables us to be stronger and more capable in the other areas of our life, like work and chores. We might even become more interesting to those around us because we have new ideas to share and talk about.

We also notice more and take a greater interest in others as well when we are feeling self-satisfied. When our needs are met we can more easily notice and hear others' needs.


For others, seeing this energy can be confusing or unusual. On hearing about our time and how it is spent on new things, people can comment that they donít know how we have the time, how we manage to do everything and they especially donít know how we have the energy after work to do anything else. Sometimes they ask quite openly, and innocently enough, why we would want to do so much. Why we wouldn't be content to just relax or do nothing at all.

This line of questioning can leave us wondering whether we are the unusual one, whether thereís something significant that is missing from our life that we are seeking in our various pursuits, whether thereís something quite wrong with us. We can even start to worry about whether we will actually fall in a heap or suffer burn out as others seem to suggest we will.

At times like this itís handy to actually take some time out, to do something different, to step away from the pursuits for a while. This feels like itís giving yourself the option to let them go, find the opportunity to engage with other things, reflect on what they mean and why we want to do them.

When we feel like our life is not as rich or enjoyable at those times and we relish the moment when we can get back to our interests or hobbies again we truly know what is right for ourselves. After that, we can more readily accept ourselves and what we are choosing to do at the time, and feel more confident when others question why we are doing what we do. We can then more easily seek out those like-minded people who have similar ideas, respect our choices and gain energy from us and what we are doing.

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