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Do not be ashamed or scared of your menstrual cycle. Period.

by maria (follow)
Do not be ashamed or scared of your menstrual cycle. Period.

1920's woman kissing her mirror
"Girl Kissing Mirror by Boston Public Library

When I first started menstruating (around age thirteen-ish) I did heavy research about the side effects of bleeding, learned about what it ‘meant’ i.e, becoming a woman, the possibility of getting pregnant after engaging in vaginal intercourse, etc.

My mother is a beautiful and inspiring woman, but she is also extremely old fashioned. When I got my first period, she described it as ‘the curse.’ Her mother also referred to menstruation as ‘the woman’s curse’ and when she said that to me, I was afraid.

I have a sister who is four years older than me, and our mother never talked to us about starting our periods, having sex, having a parter, or birth control. She was very ‘hush hush’ if you will, about the subject, because in her eyes, we were going to babies forever.

Until I was about sixteen, I always thought of my period as something terrifying, I hated the idea of being scared once a month, having cramps and mood swings among many other things relating to my changing body. So, instead of talking to my mother about these things, I researched. I found a lot of useful information, including things encouraging me to NOT be ashamed or afraid of my changing body.

Women are powerful and incredible beings. We have the ability to regenerate once a month, to carry a life inside of us, to birth that life, or many lives. Having your period is something to revel in, to be proud of. Throw yourself a period party. Invite your closest friends and share stories. Wear something red. Eat chocolate. Watch movies. Enjoy your life. Do not be ashamed of your changing body. Be confident. Be YOU.
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