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Dear Body

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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Dear Body:

I wanted to take some time today to thank you and to say how grateful I am that we are together on this journey of life.

canoe on lake
Together on this journey!

Thank you for growing and carrying me from the time I was a baby to the post-menopausal woman that I am now.

Thank you for growing into the child who was able to run, walk, climb fences and trees and explore the world on sturdy legs. Thank you for being able to skip down the street and jump rope with friends.

Thank you for growing into the teenager that could high jump, run like a gazelle and hit a baseball for a grand slam, but who could not navigate the emotional turmoil that can come from life.

canoe on lake
Grow into life!

Thank you for supporting me and supplying all the hormones for my growth, physically as well as emotionally and mentally.

Thank you for becoming the young woman who loved to dance (and still does), run, and even party. Thank you for being able to ski, swim, jump and twirl.

canoe on lake
Thank you for things to balance on!

Thank you for becoming the person who could carry children and nurture them so they too could become babies, children and adults. Thank you for the arms to hold them, to carry them and to hug them. Thank you for the strength to let them go live their lives.

Thank you for the abilities to carry out gardening tasks, to haul dirt, to handle plants and trees with care and eyes to watch it all grow.

Thank you for the feeling and sensation that I carry that allows me to feel the softness of my cat's fur, or the lovely plushness of a warm bathrobe on a cold winter morning, to being able to feel textures rough and hard as well as soft and silky and to be able to feel skin on skin.

canoe on lake
To be able to touch!

Thank you for the ability to see colour and for hands to be able to type and tell everyone about my latest thoughts.

Thank you also for tears and the ability to smile at all the wonderful things in life. Thank you for the courage to hold in my heart.

Thank you also for the weight fluctuations and everything I have put you through in the name of weight loss. It certainly makes me appreciate trying on clothes, and replacing them with new ones, for being able to hug you to me and be thankful that I have a body in which to live and house my soul, regardless of the weight.

an orange scale
Regardless of the weight!

Thank you for healing from stitches, to sprained ankles to torn cartilage, muscle aches and pains and ligament damage.

Thank you for the maturing stages of my life where I no longer have hot flushes, the internal changes and anxieties that were once present.

an orange scale
Thank you for not caring who I want to be!

And thank you still for the strength to continue growing and changing and for walking the Larapinta Trail, doing Yoga and becoming stronger than ever before, and for traversing my neighbourhood or the hills with my friend.

an orange scale
To move!

Thank you for putting up with all the excess that I have put you through over the years, the hurts, the pains, the illnesses, the recoveries, the journey.

Thank you for the years to come where I will surely need you to continue to carry me in times of great joys and loss, until we are no longer able to grace the presence of this lovely, amazing world.

an orange scale
To the years ahead!

Love Sharon

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