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Creative and Wallet-Friendly Garden Storage Ideas

by milos (follow)
Attribution - Dan Hughes - flickr.com/creativecommons

When you have a big house with a garden, it is only natural to have a lot of gardening tools, patio furniture and a bunch of other things you cannot just leave lying around the backyard. In order to safely store them and secure against rain, snow and theft, you should have a garden shed. However, these sheds can sometimes be costly and seriously affect your yearly budget, so you should look into alternative and less expensive ways to build a storage space.

Reuse Existing Space
Perhaps you do not have to build a shed? Maybe your existing storing options are sufficient for the time being and you can manage storing your items there for just one year until you gather some more money for a more complex project? If this is the case, there is an easy solution.

Porches offer a lot of usable space underneath it which most people do not pay attention to at all. In order to prevent animals from inhabiting it and causing damage to the foundation of your house, you can secure it and enclose it. This will also create space for all your shovels, mattocks, rakes and brooms, but also boxes with smaller gardening tools which are, thus, quite easily accessible.

Attribution - Mitch Altman - flickr.com/creativecommons

Minimalistic and Creative
Another simple and inexpensive solution is a plastic tarp cover that can be easily purchased at your local supplier of tools and materials and used as a cover for your car, pile of wood or even an improvised space created between yours and the neighboring house – just store your gardening tools in there and cover it with a tarp cover. It is firm and protective and will do magic against rain and wind, not costing you more than a lunch at a restaurant.

Extra Security
While many people know that shipping containers are quite safe and completely insulated so that they could transport goods shipped overseas, not many are aware that these structures can be used for different purposes as well. From impromptu playhouses to mini-cafés, their use is limitless, and, since their sizes are versatile, they can also be used as garden sheds.

In a recent chat with trusted suppliers of container shelters, I find out that these structures are painted with weather resistant materials, which means that they can endure all weather conditions, which makes them a great option for outdoor use. Moreover, if you possess dangerous chemicals, inflammable materials or poisonous substances, containers are perfect for them. Additionally, you can stack one on top of another if you need some extra space.

Alternative Materials
While most people build garden sheds out of wood, rarely do they look for other solutions and alternative materials that can be just as effective, but much cheaper. One of those are wooden pallets that are, similar to shipping container, going through a revolution in usage because they have surpassed their initial purpose and are now being used for various things in gardens, including flower planters and window boxes. They are made from high quality wood and quite cheap.

Attribution - Rubbermaid Products - flickr.com/creativecommons

Another good idea is a shed created out of plastic crates, as their structure allows them to be combined and stacked. They are resilient – flexible, yet strong – and durable. Sheds made from wooden pallets and plastic crates can be covered with an aforementioned plastic tarp cover and are more than affordable.

When building a shed, it is important to have a plan – assign a budget, specify the location and figure out what will be stored in it. That way, your job will be much easier and the results better. Try to implement some of these ideas as they will surely reflect on your wallet.
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