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Complimenting You

by Emily (follow)
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"Beautiful women" by Ray

We are all great at knowing our faults and failures. Perhaps we spend a little too much time on this – scrutinising every part of ourselves in the mirror; going over the day’s events; replaying old conversations and imagining what we should have said or done. We are very, very good at being critical.

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How much time do we spend being complimentary towards ourselves? Allowing ourselves to feel proud of our work or appearance – even if it’s something as small as a completed crossword puzzle?

Perhaps we all have that one friend who cannot take a compliment. Who downplays everything you say. Is it a sign of modesty, or genuine lack of self-love? As easily as we give comments to our friends, we should be able to genuinely compliment ourselves.

Photo: "Graceful strength" by Kashif Mohammed

Next time you complete a project, don’t just rehash the negatives but highlight and celebrate the positives. Confidence in one’s own skin and faith in one’s abilities are very attractive qualities. Look in the mirror and admire the wonderful person you are. Know your strengths just as you know your weaknesses.

I happen to know - not just because others have told me, but because I can judge my good points as well as my bad - that I have great legs. I am articulate, have a funny laugh, and cook fantastic choc-chip bickies. Why focus on the negatives? I'm awesome!

When someone gives you a compliment, don't brush it off. Be polite and gracious in your acceptance. Be strong and secure enough to know that you may have flaws, but there are also parts of you that are damn wonderful - so own it!

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