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Coming out on the Other Side - Part 2

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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So you have gone through a lot and have moved through situations to come out on the other side a changed person. We all go through issues, changes, emotional tunnels that seem to go on and on. It is part of life and is inevitable.

Life isn't always calm waters!

Some people move so smoothly through the stresses of life you have to wonder how they do it. They don't ever seem to lose their cool. They don't yell at others or head for the hills. They stand up and become accountable for their actions, coming out the other side like an expert. They obviously know something about handling stress.

Some people handle stress better than others!

Do you look at how you deal with things and people? Do you get really stressed over the whole issue?

Some of us are just built this way and it takes time and learning to go through situations to know how to handle things. You too, can come out the other side and feel good about your performance and the way you handled the stress and the people around you in the moment.

You too can come out on the other side intact!

But what if you could learn right now how to handle those stressful situations and come out feeling good about yourself?

Let me share a couple of different tools that I have used over time and found them quite effective.

Scream therapy is one such thing. Now I don't recommend you stand out on the street and scream as the police will be showing up at your door to check you out. But there are ways.

Rollercoasters work amazingly well. You go on, scream the whole time, have fun and release a serious amount of stress. Now it isn't always easy to find a rollercoaster when you need one but you can get in your car, turn up the music and scream. It is a serious release and really does help you feel better.

beat on the drums!

You can slam doors too but if you have soft closing cupboards and drawers in your home it can be even more frustrating. You might try tennis or kicking a soccer ball around, more great releases. You can hit a pillow. It works amazingly well and is around all the time.

Kick boxing, martial arts of some kind, cycling, and running, all are ways of expending energy that has built up negatively within your being. You need a release. And once you release you will be amazed at how much better you feel. The situation now seems more manageable. You can now look at it through different eyes and be more in control.

karate master
You can learn to deal like a master!

All this, of course, will depend on the person you are. Some people will never show they are upset, others seem to flow easily through life's situations and then there are those of us who need to release pent up energy, to come out the other side, feeling good about ourselves.

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