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Colour And Texture As Inspiration

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Red Hot Pokers
Red hot pokers. Authorís own photo

Wouldnít the world be boring if there were no colours, just shades of black, white and grey? What if there were no textures and somehow everything was smooth? I love colour and texture.

My favourite colour for clothing is red. I also love red flowers such as red hot pokers and dark red roses. However, I would not want to have a room painted in any shade of red or even one wall. That would be too much for me. Others might like the intensity but it doesnít suit me.

Over the years I have gone through different phases in regard to the colours I have chosen for the interior walls of my house. When I was renting I had no choice so once I became a home owner it was fun to choose colours.

Many years ago I chose lemon for some rooms and a pale green for others. Then I went through the beige phase and that lasted a long time. Every room was painted in this neutral hue. It was fashionable for a while.

Then I noticed how calming the pale blue of my sisterís house was. Room by room my house became light blue. It took years for my sitting room to get the blue treatment because there was a heavy wall unit that needed to be moved so I could get to the wall behind it.

The walls of my current house are a light shade of buttercup yellow with skirting boards and doors in blue. This was the colour scheme when I moved in and as the paint work is in good condition it will stay that way until repainting becomes necessary. I wasnít too keen on the wall colour initially but it has grown on me. Many of the things I already owned look good with it. Now I am happy with it.

Many studies have been done on how colour affects our moods and creativity. Some colours will uplift us and others will tend to have a depressing effect. I think this varies to some extent from one person to another. Blue may make one person feel calm but another may say they find it somewhat depressing. The shade probably has an influence.

People look their best in colours that suit their skin tone and hair colour. The shade will make a difference too. There are books, internet tutorials and classes with advice about finding the colours that suit you. Each season certain colours are in fashion and these are the colours that are featured in clothing stores and boutiques. Thank goodness there are plenty of thrift and vintage outlets these days so if you want a certain colour or shade that suits you it will be available somewhere.

Textures add a richness to the natural and manmade environments. I love looking at the texture of bark on trees. Combined with colour there are so many variations. Sometimes I take photos focussing on the bark.

Red Hot Pokers
Texture of bark. Authorís own photo

Red Hot Pokers
Another type of bark. Authorís own photo

When I am out walking I sometimes concentrate on all the variations in texture around me. I love to sit quietly in my front yard and take note of how some things are smooth and others are rough. Just by looking at the feathers of birds that visit my yard I know they would feel soft. One of the appealing things about stroking my dog and cat is how soft and smooth their fur feels. I guess it is part of mindfulness to be so absorbed in little details of the world around me.

Red Hot Pokers
The feathers of this bird are soft. Authorís own photo

The texture of fabric for clothes is important. I love the feel of soft textures like velvet. Nylon can be harsh and unappealing. Some clothes just feel better because of the texture of the fabric.

Visually some fabrics have an appeal because they are knobbly rather than smooth. I love looking at lace. Embroidery is fascinating.

Vintage Lace And Embroidery
Vintage lace and embroidery have interesting textures. Authorís own photo

When choosing a lounge suite the texture is an important consideration. Some woollen fabrics look good but feel rough against bare legs in summer. I find velvet comfortable and prefer it to vinyl which can be cold in winter and hot and sticky in summer. However, velvet is not such a good choice for keeping clean and free of pet fur.

Some colours and textures can be stimulating and uplifting. Sometimes it is the combination of different colours and textures that is interesting. For the record I love that my car is a bright yellow because the colour makes it easy to spot in the car park.

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