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by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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You can choose. And you get to choose - your way of life, how you live, how you see the world, and you get to choose where you go.

Not going anywhere is a choice. Not loving yourself enough, is a choice.

You can choose, once you awaken to this knowledge.

Which is the better choice?

Then you get to walk down your path, how you walk it, is your choice!

You can stay the same, you can live your life the same way you have been living it forever, if you want to choose that.

You will continue on, and that is ok. You get to choose.

That pain in your back that you have had for 3 years, is a choice.

That sorrow in your heart, is a choice.

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You have the power to change things!

That anger that lives in you because you chose not to go, is a choice. But you also get to change, if you choose to.

You can choose to step through your fears. You would be surprised to know that life is so much lighter, easier and freer on the other side of it.

It is not pleasant to enter the fear and it takes courage, but your will to want to change and come out the other side is a choice well made.

You can choose, if you want to.

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Which one do you choose?

You can choose to feel good about yourself. So why choose to stay stuck?

Why not walk through the fear? Why not get to know yourself better and choose the life you really want to live? Why not love yourself? Why not forgive yourself?

All of these things are choices. You get to be the person who chooses these things for yourself.

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You can choose a loving option!

When you were younger you didn't always have a choice. You had to toe the line, do what they told you, live by their rules. And yes, those rules were there to keep you safe, protected and showed you how to live in the world with your fellow human beings, but that doesn't mean it was all good either.

Now you are in control, in charge, and you are the person who gets to do the choosing. So why are you living a life stuck in anger, in fear, in hurt, in sorrow, when you can change that, if you want to?

You have a choice.

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The path you walk is yours, the choices, are yours!

You can live free, happy, joyously, adventurous, wandering, laughing, and carrying on in a most amazing way - if you choose.

Do you see the choices that you get to make? Do you see the excuses that you give yourself, that keep you where you are? If you are ok and love your life, that is a choice. If you choose to stay in a life of fear, sadness, anger, that is also your choice and your choice alone.

But if you do not like your life the way it is and you stay that way, that too, is a choice.

So to choose to be free, to grow and change, or to stay where you are, is a choice.

It will always be your choice.

#inspiration #self love #growth #learning
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