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Celebrating Others Success...

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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celebrate success where ever you find it

I don't know if it stems from being adopted, or if it is just the way that society in general influences us, but I always had a hard time celebrating the success of others. Not others in general, but others who where achieving success in areas that I wanted to succeed in. On some level I guess I felt that their achievements somehow took away from my own. I have always been competitive by nature.

Studying the Law of Attraction has helped me to realise the foolishness of such an attitude.

Tracie Louise Photography, cupcakes, celebrate, success, LOA, law of attraction
our life is reflection of what we are thinking

What we focus on expands.... therefore by being able to celebrate the accomplishment of another, I am opening up the possibility of having a similar success in my own reality. However, when I was placing my attention negatively toward their accomplishment, thinking about how I had not attained the longed-for goal.... I was focussing on lack... and therefore, by Law of Attraction, attracting more "lack" into my life.

Understanding this now, it is easy for me to revel in the success of others.

Rather than the feelings of inadequacy and somehow missing out I used to experience..... now knowing that what one has achieved, we all may achieve.... it's easy for me to be genuinely happy seeing others succeed.

And it's a so much lighter, much freer way to live.

#Law of Attraction
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